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Path of Exile 3.24 Righteous Fire Chieftain Build Guide




    New season, new gameplay. Righteous Fire Chieftain Build remains a very powerful and popular build, especially when beginners are just starting out. This build is good at clearing maps and is also very user-friendly for beginners. Here are some key points about this build:



Game style

Tank type character: This build utilizes the main skill of the high priest, "Ancestral Protector", to provide characters with high health, flame resistance, and damage reduction effects, making them a powerful Tank type character.


Continuous Flame Damage Output: Holy Flame is a skill that continuously inflicts flame damage. When combined with projectile skills and critical strikes, it can produce a considerable amount of damage output.


AOE has a wide range of damage: Although Holy Flame is a single target skill, with the assistance of skills such as Flamethrower and Fire Trap, its damage range can effectively cover the entire screen.


Build advantages

Superb defense ability: Righteous Fire provides a large amount of health recovery. In addition, the Chieftain upgraded the tree with enhanced health and flame resistance, making this building highly survivable.


Easy to start: The Righteous Fire Chieftain doesn't require too many gears to perform good damage output. You only need some basic gears to easily pass the first act of the game.


High efficiency in clearing monsters on the map: Righteous Fire itself can generate sustained range damage, and with the addition of flame throwing weapons, it can efficiently clear monster groups on the map.


Upgrade process

Early stage (Level 1-38): Focus on obtaining health and flame resistance nodes. Try to obtain dual attack weapons and items that increase flame damage as much as possible.



Mid stage (38-70 levels): Gradually increase the damage of Righteous Fire, acquire items that increase flame damage, and support skills for burning damage. Improving the level and quality of projection weapons is also important.


Late stage: Searching for better gears, such as the Turquoise Amulet and the Rise of the Phoenix. Focusing on optimizing damage, health, and resistance. Try advanced mapping and boss battles.


Builds and development routes

The Flame Holy High Priest has two main development paths:

Life/ Cloak of Flame /Damage Reduction build: Focusing on resilience and defense, suitable for beginners and low budget players. Early gear does not require much investment, just focus on obtaining life, flame resistance, and damage reduction.


Flame damage/critical strike/flame throwing build: Output oriented and requires high gears investment. With the assistance of skill such as Spitting Multiple Flame and Immortal Call combined with the bonus of critical strike nodes and projectiles, it can release extremely high damage while maintaining good survival.



    No matter which build you choose, you need to pay attention to obtaining health and flame resistance, which is the key to the sustained damage that Holy Flame can cause to yourself. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider increasing the bonus of "combustion damage" and reducing the gear and skills that are prone to "flame damage".


    Overall, the Righteous Fire Chieftain is a highly recommended alliance starter that even beginners can easily get started with. Just focus on obtaining the right gear and skills to enjoy the fun of efficient monster removal.




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