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Elden Ring: The guide of defeating Fire Giant




    The Fire Giant can be said to be one of the most disgusting bosses, with attack methods such as rolling and colliding, using a lid to smash people, and also emitting fireballs that track players. Due to being too tall, players only have one finger as high as a giant, so they can only attack the giant's feet. This also makes it difficult for players to observe the giant's attack movements, and they are accidentally beaten to death. But in the Alden Ring, the Fire Giant is the bosses that must be conquered in the main storyline. If you want to know how to defeat his player, I suggest you take a look at the following content.



    To defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring, players can consider the following strategies and equipment:


Melee build 

    The Fire Giant moves slowly. In the first stage, you will notice his left ankle is wrapped up in some primitive bandages. we can directly run to the Giant's feet to attack. At this time, the BOSS will attack you by stomping the ground with their feet.  Although the attack interval is very long, the damage is high, so we need to avoid his attacks.


    At 75% health, the boss begins to cast flame spells, including instant fire grenades and tracking fireballs (stay in place and delay explosion when approaching). If he uses the Flame Bomb skill, the player needs to find a cover and hide behind it to block his fireball.



    Half health enters the second stage, during which the boss begins to focus on spells, increasing the number of flame bombs and fireballs. It has also added Flame Pillar and Flame Spitfire. Flame Pillar is a flame pillar that summons large areas of delayed eruption, which is not very friendly to melee players. Flame Spitfire is not a big problem, players can just stay away. At this point, carefully observe the attack mode of the Fire Giant and find the appropriate time to counterattack.


    Due to the second stage boss's kneeling position with both hands on the ground, almost all of his body is in a safe zone, making his floor tapping skills appear very weak. The second stage Fire Giant has a relatively long casting interval, so you can use his casting interval to output a large amount of output, and execute him directly after the boss falls. As long as you dodge his Flame skill, there won't be much difficulty in this battle.


    Although the attack speed is not fast, the damage caused by the attack can easily kill the players in seconds. Players only need to die a few more times to quickly conquer this boss. The only difficulty is the second stage fireball attack. If you are afraid of fireball damage, you can prepare a set of aristocratic suits with the highest fire resistance in light armor, which, when paired with a battle shield talisman full of health, can prevent players from being hit and killed by fireballs. You can also try wearing the Flamedrake Talisman to increase flame resistance, or equip equipment with higher flame resistance to increase your defense.


Mage build 

    Before the fight, it is worth investing in spells that deal frost damage. We are talking about spells such as Adula's Moonblade or Glinstone Icecrag. A weapon that deals frost damage will also be useful. It can be any weapon with the Ashes of War Hoarfrost Stomp or, for example, the Dark Moon Greatsword or the Icerind Hatchet, which automatically has the Hoarfrost Stomp.


    What's more, you can also equip the Snow Witch Hat . The hat additionally strengthens the frost magic.



    The moment you enter the boss arena, summon Black Knife Tiche, and then ride on your mount towards him. In this fight, you should shorten the distance between you and the boss as quickly as possible. Thanks to this, he will not use his stronger attacks, such as stomp, which deals a lot of area damage and is very difficult to dodge.


    Once you are close to him, dismount and then attack his left foot. After a few hits or spells that deal frost damage, you should significantly deplete his health bar. Also, you will stun him for a while.


     When the Fire Giant starts rolling to get away from you quickly, mount your horse and get closer to him. Attack with frost spells. Adula's Moonbladee may be useful. Especially when you use it in such a way both the blade and the projectile hit the target.


    Thanks to this, the boss will receive cumulative damage. You will also impose the frostbite status faster.


    The second phase of the fight is characteristic. First, the boss will make the ground take fire. It is a good idea to keep your distance because the damage from this attack can be lethal for you. Playing as a mage, you can mount the horse and use the Glintstone Icecrag spell until the fire goes out.


    However, keep in mind that the range of this spell is not very great. Stand close to the fire while being careful that it does not reach you.


    After a few seconds, the fire will extinguish, and the "second phase of attack" will begin. Fire rocks will emerge from the body of the Fire Giant. It is an area attack, but it shouldn't hit you if you shorten the distance between you and the boss. Stay as close to him as possible.



    This is also a right time to use Adula's Moonbladee again. After casting a few such spells, the boss should die from attacks and frostbite. Remember that you can use this spell while on a mount.


    What I have provided is a universal gameplay, you can choose different methods and skill paths to defeat the Boss according to your preferences and game style.


    In Elden Ring, the Fire Giant is a powerful and terrifying enemy, usually massive in size and draped in blazing flames. They possess powerful flame attack capabilities, capable of spraying flames, igniting surrounding areas, or using massive flame weapons for attacks. Players need to be careful when dealing with their attacks and find their weaknesses to defeat them. Compared to other enemies, Fire Giants usually have higher health and defense, so players need to put in more effort to defeat them. Defeating the Fire Giant in a game is often an opportunity to test the player's strength and skills.


    Elden Ring has many hidden missions, caves and cemeteries, and activities waiting for you to explore. You can team up with other players to play multiplayer games, challenging more difficult tasks and advanced bosses together.




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