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  • ​Diablo 4: Best Gems Guide for Barbarian
    In Diablo 4, as a melee profession, the barbarian requires a combination of different builds and gameplay for Gem combinations. Here are some common Gems pairing suggestions: Weapon: Embed Emerald can greatly increase damage. Ruby is also a good choice as it can increase attack power. Armor: Sapphire can increase armor penetration, making it very suitable for melee professions like Barbarians. Jewelry: Embed Ruby increases health and attack power, ensuring that Barbarians have sufficient survival ability and output.
  • ​Diablo 2: Resurrected - A powerful Freezing Arrow Amazon Build Guide
    Freezing Arrow Amazon is an Amazon class building that focuses on on dealing Cold Damage and freezing enemies. This build is good at dealing with dense areas and achieving satisfactory ice explosion effects. It also has a variety of damage types, so it is good for immune monsters and is perfect for the single player. This guide will show you how to build a powerful Freezing Arrow Amazon character, including skill layout, equipment advice, and gameplay tips.
  • ​WOW Classic SOD: A Detailed Introduction of Fishing Activities.
    Fishing is one of the three secondary professions in WOW Classic. Fishing allows you to catch fish in the various waters of Azeroth. For example, Fishing is required for various Cooking recipes and Alchemy recipes. This WOW Classic Fishing guide provides a detailed introduction of fishing activities. The Fishing in WOW SOD include: Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza and Kalu'ak Fishing Derby.
  • ​Elden Ring: A Detailed Guide On How To Fight with the Tree Sentinel
    The Tree Sentinel is a terrifying tree monster in the world of Elden Ring. It has a strong warhorse and holds a huge axe. This heavily armored knight ride large steeds and carry powerful halberds. Although players are likely to encounter one in their first steps out into the Lands Between, it's wise to leave it be at first and return stronger and more experienced. They are optional bosses, as players don't need to defeat them in order to advance in Elden Ring.
  • ​Last Epoch: How To Quickly Clear Three Classic Dungeons? - Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion & Temporal Sanctum
    The Last Epoch has three Dungeons: Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion, and Temporal Sanctum. Each Dungeon has its own location, key, and the Boss. And Each Dungeon has unique mechanics and challenging boss battles that require players to master proficiently in order to complete.
  • ​How to use Amazon to grinding? Take you to clarify your thoughts on grinding
    Guide of Amazon farm and grinding. Amazon is one of the most popular classes in D2 Resurrected, with excellent performance in both ranged archer DPS and javelin throwing. Next, I will introduce how players can Invest skill points and what gears to equip.
  • ​Path of Exile Necropolis 3.24:How to find Nameless Seer in Path of Exile Necropolis 3.24
    Nameless Seer is an NPC who will always offer one free unique item from a selection. His selection of unique items are biased towards rarer items. His items are not influenced by item rarity or item quantity modifiers and only scale with area level. He will give you one free unique item every time you find him. To find Nameless Seer, you need to get Reliquary Scarab of Vision, or mod the Necropolis league, and then kill a pack affected by the Lantern of Arimor. However, it's important to create a good build for the Necropolis league before trying either of these two methods.
  • ​Path of Exile 3.24 Righteous Fire Chieftain Build Guide
    New season, new gameplay. Righteous Fire Chieftain Build remains a very powerful and popular build, especially when beginners are just starting out. This build is good at clearing maps and is also very user-friendly for beginners. Here are some key points about this construction:
  • ​Endgame Barbarian Build for Diablo 4 (Season 3) -- Hammer of the Ancients
    Endgame Barbarian Build for Diablo 4 (Season 3) -- Hammer of the Ancients is a very powerful choice, mainly relying on the core skill of Hammer of the Ancients to output high burst damage. The Hammer of the Ancients is one of the most iconic skills of barbarians, known as the "Diablo Classic". This gameplay focuses on causing terrifying burst damage through this powerful spell.
  • ​Diablo II: The guide of the allocation of Sorceress Stat Points in Diablo II: Resurrected Season 6.
    In Diablo II, the allocation of Sorceress stat points needs to be determined based on your game style and equipment. Sorceress character recommends maintaining strength and vitality points at appropriate levels to increase survival and enhance melee attack power. This character usually needs to prioritize adding energy to increase mana damage and spell effects, while agility can improve defense and hit rates. Generally speaking, Sorceress requires very little strength and agility stat points , mainly focusing on life and intelligence.


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