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  • ​Elden Ring: Evaluation and Acquisition of Eight Major Legendary Amulets
    In Elden Ring, the combination of combat arts, magic spells, and prayers with certain amulets can unleash the powerful effects of combat arts and magic. This article will introduce you to the legendary amulet encyclopedia in Elden Ring, including the background of the amulets, evaluation of their effects, acquisition methods, and recommended combinations.
  • ​Path of Exile (POE) Game Developer Interview Summary: there are still many things to look forward to!
    This article focuses on summarizing interviews with PoE developers by game bloggers on various platforms over the past few months. There are many interesting aspects to these interviews, and they've unearthed some exciting scoops that offer new insights for both new and veteran players alike.
  • ​Do you know what the function of the max resistance is in the Diablo II Resurrected?
    In the Diablo II Resurrected version, there are many types of damage reduction attributes related to character roles, mainly including physical and magical aspects. Among them, resistance is the most common and easily improved attribute for reducing damage to characters. Character resistance mainly includes physical resistance (physical immunity) and elemental resistance (ice, fire, lightning, poison). Let's briefly introduce resistance and the maximum resistance.
  • ​Diablo II Resurrected ladder season 6 begins, and it's not just about luck
    Diablo II Resurrected has finally started its 6 season after a long wait, with the specific version being 2.6. Both ladder and non-ladder modes coexist, allowing players to choose between continuing in non-ladder mode or starting over in the new ladder season mode. Players interested in exploring the game and experiencing the latest content are highly recommended to try out the first season, as well as familiarize themselves with the changes to various classes and mercenary skills, and to create some newly added rune words.
  • ​Elden Ring Summoning Ashes Compendium: Introduction, 8 Types of Ashes and Their Combat Evaluation
    An introduction to the 8 powerful summoning ashes in "Elden Ring" including their background stories, FP consumption, locations, and combat evaluations.
  • ​A storyline of "Diablo" is deeply buried, with angels and demons being toyed with by a witch.
    In the original "Diablo," there weren't many NPCs, and their purpose in the game was to provide side quests, identify scrolls, gamble, sell potions, magic scrolls, and combat supplies. Therefore, every NPC in the game left a lasting impression on players. To the east of the village lived a mysterious witch named Adria, who sold blue potions, magic scrolls, magical weapons, and arcane tomes at high prices. Players could always find something new to purchase from her. She kept a low profile, rarely interacting with villagers, and only Deckard Cain knew some things about her.
  • ​Which aura is the best for your Mercenary in D2R?
    In both the original and the recently popular remastered version of Diablo II, players looking to enhance their gaming experience must not only improve their character's overall strength but also pay attention to the proper selection of mercenaries.
  • ​Diablo II Resurrected: Four Essential Rune Words to Craft During the Early Game
    Diablo II Resurrected is a timeless classic game that continues to captivate a large number of players, both old and new. For those who are returning after a hiatus or for beginners, the process of starting anew involves what's known as "farming" for certain items. Here are a few low-level Rune Words that are essential for beginners to create.
  • ​Diablo II Remastered Season 6 is set to launch!
    Countless demons perish just in time as your weapons wear out, yet their attacks show no sign of weakening. The Sanctuary needs a savior! Return on February 23rd and wreak havoc on the forces of the Burning Hells in the Season 6 Ladder!
  • ​The trademark rights for Elden Ring are now fully owned by FromSoftware.
    According to a report by foreign media, based on trademark transfer documents found by international gamers from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Bandai Namco Entertainment, the publisher responsible for "Elden Ring," has transferred the game's trademark rights to FromSoftware.


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