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steam level up
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$ 0.19
Level 2
Sets Needed
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You will get

  • Showcases: 0 /16
  • Friend Cap: 260 /2000
  • ltems drop after upgrade: 3

How to Purchase Steam Trading Cards on MMOSO?
1. Begin by clicking on "Sign In Through STEAM" to log in to your Steam account.
2. Click on the "Get URL" button and provide your Trade URL, then save the settings.
(You can log in to steamcommunity and click here to find your Trade URL
And, to check whether your account is tradable, you can visit Steam Support for more details)
3. Enter your current Steam level and the desired Steam level you wish to achieve.
4. Click "Buy Now," provide a valid email address, and proceed to check out.
5. To confirm your order and receive the goods, click on "Live Chat."
If you are still confused, we have a quick guide to help you.

What is the use of Steam Level Up?

1. Steam Level Up serves several functions. It increases the maximum number of friends you can have, with each level granting an additional 5 friend slots. Higher Steam levels are associated with a better reputation, making high-level accounts more conducive to community interaction.

2. By leveling up, you unlock the Steam personal information showcase, which becomes available every 10 levels. The showcase allows you to display badges, favorite games, screenshots, artwork, and other achievements. Earning badges contributes to your experience points, and for every 100 XP gained, your Steam level increases.

3. Another advantage of leveling up on Steam is an increased chance of receiving Booster Packs. With each increase of 10 levels, the drop rate for Booster Packs goes up by 20%.

How to Level Up on Steam Quickly?

1. One way to expedite leveling up is to buy games. However, buying a game only grants 1 point of experience. To progress from Steam level 1 to 10, you will need 100 points of experience for each level.

2. Crafting badges is another method to gain experience points. This requires collecting and combining integrated Steam cards, which are dropped while playing certain games. Only games that support integrated cards will provide these drops.

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Don't Know How To Get Teade URL?

Log in your steam account in steamcommunity first.

Then click here to find trade URL.



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