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Diablo II: Resurrected: The guide of Act I The first two quests.




    For many veteran players, the missions and routes of the Diablo II: Resurrected. are already familiar. But for beginners who are just starting to play, they are not sure where to start. Today, let's talk in detail about the first act of the five act task. And this guide will cover Act I The first two quests and how to complete them.


    Diablo II: Resurrected is divided into five different acts, each of which has a "town" that serves as a base for the character. In the town, you can find several NPCs (Non-Player Characters) with whom you can talk to, trade, and ask for useful information about tasks.


Act I

    After you make your character selection and load into the game, you'll be in the Rogue Encampment. This is a base town, which means you're completely safe within its walls. Neither monsters nor other players can attack you while you're in the town. It's also where you can purchase new gear, potions, or even repair your equipment.


    Feel free to walk around the Rogue Encampment and talk to everyone if you'd like, but make sure you make a stop at Akara. She is found in the right-hand corner of the town and sells potions and scrolls. At first, you can't afford any, but she's an important person to know. Plus, she gives you the starting quest when you meet her for the first time.



    With the Den of Evil quest in hand, head out of town into the Blood Moor. Fortunately, the Den of Evil is located along the road, so stick to it and you'll eventually come to the correct cave. It should be noted, however, that the path will eventually split, so if you encounter a rogue named Flavie, you've gone too far away. Head back to the road forks and take the other path to get to the cave.



Quest 1: The Den of Evil (Recommended Level: 1-3)

    This quest is mostly self-explanatory. You need to kill every monster inside the cave. Like most quests in Act I, this is technically optional, but the reward is worth the time investment.


    Inside the cave, you'll come up against Fallen, Fallen Shaman, Gargantuan Beasts, and Zombies. Your priority needs to be the Fallen Shaman because they will resurrect any Fallen that you kill. Taking them down quickly will make it much easier to clear the hordes. The Gargantuan Beasts can also cause some problems due to their relatively high health pool. Try to approach them in one-on-one combat if possible.



    The boss of this location is a zombie named Corpsefire. The best way to deal with him is to pick off the other zombies with him, and then take him down when he's by himself. Make sure to come with plenty of health potions in case he does a large amount of damage unexpectedly.


    Once all of the enemies are down, you'll hear some music play and see bright lights shine down on the cave. Use a Scroll of Town Portal (TP) to head back to the Rogue Encampment and talk to Akara. She will give you a free skill point and let you reset your stats and skills. You can only do this once per difficulty, so use it wisely. At this point, we'd also recommend purchasing a Tome of Town Portal from Akara. This will let you more easily stack TPs so that you don't have to take up so much inventory space. If you didn't find a belt in the Den of Evil, pick one up now as well. This will increase your survivability as you'll have more potions at hand.



Quest 2: Sister's Burial Grounds (Recommended level: 4-6)

    When you've wrapped everything up with Akara, walk over to Kashya to get the next quest. She's in the middle of town near where you come out after using a Town Portal. Kashya tells you about a monster called the Blood Raven that's raising an army of zombies at the Burial Grounds. Head back out into the Blood Moor and make your way to the Cold Plains. This area starts just after Flavie's post, so you'll know you're there once you see her. As you enter the location, you'll see a Waypoint. These let you quickly travel from one Waypoint to another, giving you an easy way to get around the world.


    The Cold Plain is a little more complicated than the Blood Moor. The road splits into three directions. One takes you to the Stony Fields, another to a dungeon called the Caves, and the last to the Burial Grounds. There's no real way to know which is which, so you might have to run around a bit before you find the Burial Grounds. If you do end up in the Stony Fields, you might as well dip into it and pick up the Waypoint here.


    Along the way, you'll also run into a few new enemies. Joining your old friends the Fallen and Fallen Shaman, are two different types of Corrupt Rogues called Dark Hunters and Dark Spearwomen. These aren't too tough to deal with, but there is also a unique mini-boss in the Cold Plains called Bishibosh. Bishibosh can resurrect Fallen Shaman, so taking him down quickly is your priority if you run into him.



    When you finally make your way to the Burial Grounds, you'll come across the Blood Raven. She's joined by several Hungry Dead and Skeletons. She also likes to run all over the area and can summon more Hungry Dead at her feet. The key is to focus your attacks squarely on her to win the fight as quickly as possible.


    Once she's taken care of, head back to town. Kashya will thank you by giving you a rogue hireling free of charge. This ranged companion should improve your damage quite a bit as you move onto tougher enemies. If you would like to go back to the Burial Grounds and explore the two tombs in the cemetery, these can be good places to pick up some equipment pieces to fill out or improve your gears.


    During the process of completing tasks, you will unlock new skills, equip more powerful items, and gradually improve your character's level. You can choose different professions and skill paths to develop your character according to your preferences and game style.


    In addition, Diablo II: Resurrected has many hidden missions, dungeons, and activities waiting for you to explore. You can team up with other players to play multiplayer games, challenging more difficult tasks and advanced bosses together.




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