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Last Epoch: Last Epoch Marksman Build




    Last Epoch is a hack and slash action style action role-playing game, in which Marksman is a very powerful long-range output class. This class is a transition for a Rouge, a long-range attack character skilled in using bows and arrows to attack enemies. It has various genres and gameplay, and it is recommended to choose equipment that increases attack power and critical hit rate, which can greatly improve the output ability of a marksman.



Characteristics of Marksman

    Marksman can flexibly move and quickly place various traps in combat, mainly relying on skills such as Detonating Arrow and smoke bombs to cause damage. The core idea of a marksman is to maximize the damage of Detonating Arrow while maintaining a safe distance in conjunction with displacement skills.


Different types Builds

    In the game of the Last Epoch, Marksman can try different types of skill combinations and equipment combinations such as Dancing Multiple Build and Explosive Arrow Build to achieve a higher gaming experience and combat effectiveness.


Detonating Arrow Build

    Detonating Arrow is one of the most representative skills of marksmen, as they can release an arrow that pierces through clouds while also dealing explosive damage. Detonating Arrow Build focuses on amplifying the damage output of Explosive Arrow. Players can choose between two gameplay options: melee Detonating Arrow or long-range Detonating Arrow. The melee version uses special dagger weapons to trigger Detonating Arrow, while the ranged version uses skills such as Arrow Rain to stack a large number of Detonating Arrow. Explosive Arrow Build has the characteristics of long output distance and high safety, making it very suitable for single player or team games.



Dance Multiple Build

    Dance Multiple Build is a relatively common marksman Build, with core skills including Chaotic Dance and Multi Shot. By increasing the frequency of attacks and shooting more arrows, the entire screen can be shrouded in a rain of arrows. By adding bonuses to skill nodes such as Chaotic Shooting, Electric Sparks, and Arrow Bags, dense physical arrows can be released with extremely high surface damage output ability. The advantage of this build is that the output is very high, and there is a linkage between skills, making the damage performance of the entire genre outstanding. Because this build relies more on talent and skill damage, with lower equipment requirements, it is suitable for progression and beginners.


Shadow Arrow Rain Build

    Shadow Arrow Rain Build is one of the most iconic Marksman builds in the Last Epoch. It uses "shadow" as its core output source, and can unleash extremely high damage potential in boss battles and arenas through smoke bombs, dark arrow bags, instant shadows, and powerful arrow rain skills. This is a build with high sustained output, suitable for long-term battles.



Other builds

    In addition to Detonating Arrow and Dance Multiple, there are also some other types of Marksman for players to choose from, such as Centenary Explosion Crossbow Trap Build, Lightning Arrow, Ice and Snow Arrow, etc. according to their own preferences. Overall, Marksman is a class with rich gameplay and excellent damage, loved by players.



    Regardless of which type of Build you choose, it is important to maintain a safe distance and fully utilize your displacement skills. Flexible movement is an important part of being a marksman. At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the use of traps and arrows according to different boss battles and levels.




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