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Endgame Barbarian Build for Diablo 4 (Season 3) -- Hammer of the Ancients




    Endgame Barbarian Build for Diablo 4 (Season 3) -- Hammer of the Ancients is a very powerful choice, mainly relying on the core skill of Hammer of the Ancients to output high burst damage. The Hammer of the Ancients is one of the most iconic skills of barbarians, known as the "Diablo Classic". This gameplay focuses on causing terrifying burst damage through this powerful spell. If you are looking for the build of Barbarian, take a look of this passage, it will bring surprise to you!!!



Core Mechanism

Hammer of the Ancients: Consumes all rage points and deals massive damage to ground areas. Upgrading can increase damage and Knocking Back effects.

Rage Recovery: Rapid rage recovery is crucial for the Hammer of the Ancients build. Mainly relying on skills such as "Gathering Roar" and "Limitless Rage" to maintain continuous output.

Increased damage environment: Fully utilize the effects of increased damage equipment, talent points, etc. to improve the output ability of the Hammer of the Ancients.


Here are some suggestions for this build:

Level 1-10: When starting, you can first click on Rampage and Swipe as the basic output. Obtain the Hammer of the Ancients skill at around level 10, and also click on Gathering Roar to increase rage recovery.


Level 11-30: After obtaining the Hammer of the Ancients, most skill points can be invested in this core skill, especially the two key enhancements "Hammer of the Ancients - Spear of Strength" and "Hammer of the Ancients - Might", to increase damage output. At the same time, don't forget the passive effects of Ancients' Oath and Death Blow to further enhance output.


Level 31-50: At this stage, continue to enhance the output of the Hammer of the Ancients and supplement some auxiliary skills, such as Awakening to improve survival ability, and Wrath of the Berserker to obtain unstoppable burst damage in the whirlwind state.


After level 50: In the later stage, core skills can be further strengthened based on your own gear situation and Paragon Points. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to supplementing necessary group control and gain auxiliary skills to achieve the best overall combat capability.



Main Hand Weapon

    The most ideal weapon is a Two-Handed Axes, which can provide additional area damage bonuses for the Hammer of the Ancients skill and is a must-have main hand weapon. Equipment the mark "Ancestral Force" significantly increases the range and damage of Hammer of the Ancients. Additionally, it is also possible to consider searching for Legendary Axe with X% Increased Damage and Y% Increased Critical Strike Damage", such as "Darkblade".


Secondary Weapon

    Due to the fact that the Hammer of the Ancients build mainly relies on the output of the Hammer of the Ancients as an active skill, secondary weapons can be purely for attributes, pursuing powerful attribute values. Recommend finding secondary weapons with excellent affixes such as "power", "life", and "total damage".


Armor and Jewelry

    In terms of armor, it is recommended to search for heavy armor with affixes like ''Critical Strike Damage'' and ''Critical Strike Chance''. For rings and amulet, priority is given to pursuing attributes such as "strength", "life", and "total damage". Also pay attention to the legendary armor trait of "Ancestor's Force", which can expand the range of Hammer of the Ancients release.


Other Important Gear

    Equipping a shield that can provide useful buff bonuses is also a good choice. In addition, look for equipment with a "rage enhancement" trait to improve your ability to acquire anger.



    In short, the Hammer of the Ancients is a highly explosive output core for barbarians. Proper skill matching and equipment selection are the key to unleashing its power. For details of the game,  players can adjust according to their preferences and game needs to achieve the best results.




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