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​MMOSO WotLK - Who works best in WoW WotLK Classic? Private server lessons

WoW Classic and TBC Classic have shown impressively in recent years that the community of classic WoW releases isn't just made up of nostalgic folks who want to comfortably enjoy old content. Instead, there are many players and guilds who want to truly dominate what is known - with the best skills, team settings and all available buff options. Work in progress, but also in speed runs and personal logs. Even areas like farming experience points or gold coins are designed for maximum efficiency.

With WotLK Classic coming sometime in the next few months, the endgame metadata will again change significantly. For example, one change is that Northrend's replica instances are available for all 10 and 25 replicas. Then there were a lot of class and system tweaks in the pre-patch and all subsequent WotLK updates. Finally, a new class debuted, Death Knight, showing the Lich King's curly-haired tank and DPS competition from day one. Over the years, the private server scenario has shown us how all these things can actually affect PvE metadata.

WotLK Classic: Who does the most damage?

In Classic and TBC Classic, there are specializations that are so powerful that team managers want to pack as many of them as possible. Logs from the Sunwell Plateau show impressively that, among other things, Destruction Warlocks, Beastmaster Hunters, and Berserkers currently dominate. Also, you need multiple shamans for the rampage/heroism rotation. Many raid settings are built accordingly.

What about WotLK Classic? Well, in the upcoming classic expansion, rage/heroism applies to the entire team. One less challenge! Still, there is a spec in PW that they really like three or four times, and sometimes even five times: we mean the Affliction Warlock, who can do massive damage thanks to various buffs and tweaks. This is complemented by a demon warlock who brings significant support in addition to his damage.

Death knights are also very popular. The Unholy DK should be mandatory for many teams as it deals high damage and with the talent of Black Plaguebringer, magic damage debuffs can be easily spread through the plague across the entire enemy group. There are also one or two Frost Death Knights, who are also very strong.

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The best DPS specialists in WotLK also include other occupations, whose skills depend heavily on their respective content stages. Backstab, for example, is a strong starting option for rogue combat. After that, most thieves will want to move on. The situation is similar for a mage (arcane, then fire), warrior (weapon, then rage), or hunter (survival, then precision). The strongest pests also include feral druids, which can deal massive single-target damage as cats.

After all, Vengeance Paladins, Reinforcement/Elemental Shamans, Balance Druids, and Shadow Priests are rated "good" and many teams want to pack these things, especially when they need buffs and debuffs (and only once). However, Beastmaster Hunters, Frost Mages, Subtle Rogues, and Destruction Warlocks rarely find raid slots.

WotLK Classic: Who has the best tank?

Whether it's a 10-player or 25-player raid if you want to keep things as easy as possible, bring the Protection Paladins and Blood Death Knights. The Tank Paladin was already good at the beginning of the Northrend adventure, but then he got some new tools and buffs, so he's clearly the best all-around tank in the game in patch 3.3.5.

In contrast, the Blood Death Knight is more of a specialist, mainly used when you need a main tank against certain bosses that can take hits and build high aggro on the target. Especially when it comes to that last point, no tank has more threatening potential than this.

By the way, if a PW raid needs the third tank, it's usually not a Protection Warrior or Guardian Druid, but a Frost Death Knight who wears tank clothes in addition to his DPS gear.

WotLK Classic: Who heals best in raids?

It's nice that each team can use multiple Paladins for different buffs. Because, like protecting his colleagues, the Paladin is in his own right. There is no better all-around healer in the game. In 25-player dungeons, you'll often see two Paladins healing. These are best supplemented by Restoration Shamans, Restoration Druids, and Discipline Priests, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

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