​MMOSO WotLK - Level 70 Fire Mage quickly brushes five copies of WotLK Classic with a god-level skill

In the blue post some time ago, Blizzard made some instructions on the follow-up changes to the classic server, which specifically mentioned that some characteristics of monsters in the dungeon will be modified, so that mages can no longer rely on Blizzard to kite and farm monsters, as long as the monsters enter the battle After 30 seconds, all the control skills will be seconds.

Many people think that this is the end of the mage, and it is no longer feasible to play a single copy in the future. However, some people have challenged this in the recent WoW Classic WotLK Beta server, and successfully passed the copy of Utgarde Keep, and he used the fire mage.

Fire Mage over Utgarde Keep

Fire Mage over Utgarde Keep

The Fire Mage relies on WotLK's new ultimate talent "Active Bomb". This skill allows players to place a dot on a monster, and after the time expires, it will explode and cause AoE damage to surrounding monsters. This skill was buffed by Blizzard in the 3.2 version of the original TBC, and it was modified to be able to be used on multiple monsters. It is precise because of this modification that the active bomb became a magical skill.

The specific passing method is very simple, but you need to do some preparatory work first. First, you need to flash the glyph, which can increase the flash distance by 5 yards to ensure that you keep a distance from the monster. Then there's the Glyph of Living Bomb, which allows the periodic damage of the Living Bomb to crit, increasing damage. Then it's best to learn engineering to make a rocket boot and enchant the movement speed, which will bring great convenience to the fire kite.

When you are ready, start it directly. We can see from the video sent by the player that he is an ordinary monster pulling and gathering monsters, and then put live bombs on the monsters one by one. Initially, it relies on ice ring, dragon breath and shock wave to control and decelerate monsters, and then relies on flash to kite, and subsequent monsters do not need to be decelerated (the monsters cannot be decelerated after entering the battle for more than 30 seconds).

The entire Utgarde Keep is a single pass from the entrance to all the mobs in front of Boss No. 1. The Fire Mage needs to be divided into three waves to pass through here. The first wave is all the monsters in the circular room. The second wave is all the monsters in the room with the dragon, and it also needs to be pulled to the circular room of the first wave to fly in circles. The third wave is the remaining mobs on the road and the 4 monsters in the No. 1 boss room.


Utgarde Keep can be swiped from level 70 to level 79. When the player posted the video, it was level 74. The experience of each trip is about 150,000, which is equivalent to 750,000 experiences per hour. If it is level 70, the experience value should be higher. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete the whole process, which can guarantee five times per hour. Players who brush quickly can easily pass the dungeon. There may be about 10-15 minutes to go out to do tasks and fight monsters and can get extra experience value.

His current equipment is T6 level plus some SW parts, and it is far from the state of SW graduation. The following is the single brush talent for fire method given by the author, and the third glyph uses the glyph of mana gem.

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