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​MMOSO - What are WOTLK Classic Best Arena Combos, 2v2 and 3v3 Arena Rankings?


What is the best arena lineup in Wrath of the Lich King? Below is a list of the best WOTLK Classic arena combinations for 2v2 and 3v3. Don't overthink it and have as much fun as possible. With this 2v2 and 3v3 Wotlk Arena combo leaderboard, it's all under control.

WOTLK Classic 2v2 Arena Rankings

1 Holy Paladin + Warrior

Arms Warriors Plus Holy Paladins are unstoppable killing machines, the best arena combo 2v2 in Wrath of the Lich King. This would be at least 30% of the latter in WotLK Classic. You'll elevate warriors with every quality-of-life change they could dream of, then join holy paladins at their most powerful. Give warriors the freedom to attack anything. Speaking of Paladins, the Paladin's buffs in Wrath are incredible. The Beacon of Light heals the target, and the Divine Shield is a ridiculous buff that absorbs 500 damage each time it hits the target and increases with spell power. This ability alone makes it difficult for a team without Purification to deal with Paladins. Meanwhile, Divine Invocation gives you a Druid-like mini-nervation that grants 25% of your total mana per minute for 15 seconds.

2 Shadow Priest + Rouge

If you hate fighting Shadow Priest Rogues and TBCs, this is a brand new animal. Shadow Priests are now stronger than they were in TBC and pair better with Rogues. This classic Wotlk Arena combo has the highest burst damage in the game because it essentially doubles the DPS. But now the Shadow Priest has also become tankier. You have Dispersion, which is a very powerful 90% damage reduction for 6 seconds every 2 minutes. Meanwhile, Mind Fear is a great new Shadow Priest ability that causes the target to drop their weapon for 10 seconds. Great for expanding the game and keeping your team alive or preventing some enemies from skinning so you can end the game quickly.

3 Disc Priest + Feral

This is one of the best Wrath of the Lich King arena combo PVP with an incredible ability to stay on target with infected wounds. You also get Predatory Strike, which lets you instantly cast a whirlwind for near-constant crowd control. It's a tank defense combo that contains every annoying spell you can think of. Don't forget that Priest has dispelled and mana burns, which he is happy to use on cooldown. In TBC, this combination is rarely played. But now expect to see a lot of very annoying druid priest teams.

4 Ret Paladins + any Class

Ret Paladin is the perfect DPS support class in WOTLK. So they can be paired with everything. Ret paladin is really bad in Wrath, they have a lot of utility in things like Raised Hands Protection and Blessing of Freedom, plus they have the new talent art of war for instant offios. Don't forget those sacrifices, magic and poison dispelled. Rets work great with hunters, great with rogues, great with mages, and great with any healer. If you can think of a career that goes well with ret paladin, it's likely to win quite often.

5 Warlock Wotlk + Shaman

In WotLK, shamans get some pretty solid buffs that make them even more powerful in the arena. Wind Shear is an insanely strong range break with a 6-second cooldown and you get Hex, a powerful shapeshifting type effect plus Restoration Shaman that pairs perfectly with Affliction Warlocks. You have totally insane damage to go with great control and so many interruptions. Also, you have all the totems like Tremor Totem and Grounding Totem to counter the casting. You are always one cc chain away from victory.

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WOTLK Classic 3v3 Arena Rankings

1 Warrior + Ele Shaman + Paladin

Warriors and Paladins are already part of the strongest duo. So throw in an ele shaman for control, massive area damage, and constant interruptions. The warrior will do whatever he wants throughout the game, while the shaman will deal insane damage and interrupt spells every 6 seconds. Not to mention the ridiculous utility of paladins and shamans. This is the strongest 3v3 arena combo in Wrath of the Lich King. But that doesn't mean other combinations aren't viable and can't beat this one.

2 Warrior + Death Knight + Holy Paladin

This combo deals the highest damage to a single target of all combos. Also, this combination will be a far cry from the most popular combinations in most mmr brackets. This combination is relatively easy to pick up and play. You just stick to a target and kill them in seconds. If you want a solid comparison to this combo, imagine TBC with a trio of shaman, paladin, and warrior. Now imagine a team with more damage, more utility, and 3 plate wearers instead of that slimy enhancement shaman.

3 Warlock + Shaman + Druid

This combo has ridiculous single-target bursts from shamans and warlocks. The cc chain is full of roots of fear, sorcery, whirlwind and entanglement. It's just the worst. Why you might ask this combo is No. 1, it has a very high skill cap, so definitely expect some No. 1 version to be on the ladder. But at lower mmrs this combo will be attracted to high damage easy to play combos.

4 Shadow Priest + Mage + Shaman

This combo has completely insane burst damage as well as very high utility. You'll get all the new shaman toys like Hex and Wind Scissors, plus Psychic Fear that adds extra defenses. Plus, you have multiple offensive purges from priests and shamans to keep the target clean. The mage can even slow down those pesky fighters you see in almost every game. It's a very high-skilled combo that can beat anyone, but it requires a top-tier mage and shaman.

5 Ret Paladin + Hunter + Priest

You get all the amazing damage utility and shutdown healing from the Paladin. Meanwhile, hunters are now basically free in the form of master summons, and of course instant critical strikes with aimed fire, while disc priests can enjoy light play, eliminating targets and burning whatever mana he wants. With so much cc from the hunter and overall high combo utility, this combo will never be easy to fight.

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