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​MMOSO WotLK - What changes and updates does WotLK Classic make to old Azeroth?


There are definitely changes to the Old World of Azeroth in WoW WotLK Classic, and we'll list some of the main ones below. There are some interesting additions, many quality-of-life changes that a lot of people have actually forgotten about dungeons, and some very popular quest and XP changes.

10 Changes to Old Azeroth from Wrath of the Lich King

1. Venomhide raptor

The first thing most people forget is that there is actually a new Horde mount farm available, basically the equivalent of the Winterspring Frostsaber. The quest chain starts in the un'goro crater, where you have to essentially raise your own little package to take on the chicks. You'll have to do 20 daily dailies to grow your raptor, but you'll end up with a venom hide wrapped amount. At the end of this questline, you'll also need 20 Runecloth, 20 Rugged Leather and 20 Venom high Teeth, and 80 Gold.

2. Attunement removal

Some longstanding achievements and boss summoning quests have largely been removed, just no longer needed. For example, the Oxia treatment has completely disappeared. It will be interesting to see if you actually keep the old Oxia for the River Finch King launch, or remove it later in the patch or at launch. But the return has been removed. You also no longer need the prospector in the lava to unlock Ragnaros when you kill the boss, it will be doused automatically. In this old Farak instance, the gavel is no longer required to summon the gazarilla. So you can easily pick up that carrot in the stick quest of the Thousand Needles and run to Zul'Farrak to complete the quest without having to mess around in the hinterland. You also no longer need the scepter of celebras as a gateway to the inner maradon, as it is available to everyone, as is the Ascension Seal for the Spies of Upper Black Rock. You don't have to go through that long quest chain, you can go straight from the top of the Lower Black Rock Spire to the Upper Barrel Expiration without any requirements.

3. Exp changes

Experience and quests have changed a lot in Classic Wrath. The amount of experience required to reach the max level has been reduced. The undocumented change says it's 30, but it could be different. Quest experience has also increased substantially, but not by a cookie-cutter percentage, because if you look at the different quests from the WoW Classic database and the Wrath of the Lich King database, you'll find a lot of inconsistencies. For example, the Red Silk Turban quest that used to give 1250 XP now gives 1900, then Pamela's Doll 2800 rises to over 4000. So you get more XP from your missions. The old world will level up faster, especially heirlooms.

4. More transportation

Azeroth has also added more transportation options, so getting around is much easier now. Storm Harbor was added to the cluster map, which means you no longer have to take a boat from the dark shores to the Polymorphic Harbor, then go through the wetlands and get killed by crocodiles. You can take a boat directly from the Dark Shores to Stormwind. There's also a zeppelin that can take you from Thunder Bluff to Orgrimmar and back, including an added zeppelin that can take you to Trista Glades and Northrend outside Orgrimmar.

5. Added convenience

The capital has added tons of mailboxes, the open world area now has more cemetery spiritual healers, and some cheeky flight paths. Most areas have another spiritual healer, but just see how Classic Wild compares to Classic Fury. There are more spiritual healers now because initially there was only one in the entire area, which was painful. In most cities, there will always be a cheeky mailbox near the auction house. We also added some cheeky flight paths to really stop saying the word cheeky. So there's a new one in the fortress in the Western Plaguelands and in the Eastern Plaguelands, basically one in the west of the area near the river.

6. Dismount areas removed

In Classic WoW and TBC, annoying areas to dismount you like Booty Bay and Black Rock Mountain. But these will no longer let you dismount, you can run around your bay on your mount and on Blackrock Mountain, this also includes boats and airships and similar areas. For those who think you can easily get insane gold by doing a classic wired raid on your death knight or something.

7. Gold nerfs to classic bosses

Gold has been weakened by about 50% to 70%. Might still be a good gold mine, but you won't get 400 gold per boss kill.

8. New load screens

Regions of Azeroth have added some new funky loading screens that show the leaders of each race from that particular region.

9. Horde can do the chicken quest

Every Horde player will jump out of their seats as Horde players can now finally do chick quests for their chick pets in Westfall.

10. Summoning stone restrictions removed

The limits of the Summoning Stones have been completely changed, and now they only need to be level 15. Now anyone at any level can summon anyone, they just need to be level 15.

Some additional changes to old Azeroth in WotLK Classic

*On Don Monroe but actually on the shores of that area, newcomers landed, it used to be difficult to get to this area. Now you can easily get there from Storm Halibut, you can fish there now, and there's a vendor, so it's just a nice little place to basically level your fishing.

*Obviously nax has been removed and the entrance has just been replaced with a huge gaming cauldron. The large purple dome where Dalaran once stood is now a crater, apparently because Dalaran is now in the Crystalsong Forest. King Varian has replaced Bovary, which also means you can't get the Vionysi achievement questline.

*The creatures of many troll settlements have also changed, so the troll creatures have basically been updated to look more like the trolls in Wrath of the Lich King.

*Orgrimmar has added some rooftop stalkers so alliances can't jump on rooftops and gank people in Orgrimmar in tier 1 to 5 zones for all races, now most mobs are neutral mobs so they can't Chain pull. Just to make it easier for people to get started.

*Abby's wolf on the North Shore somehow turned into a sick wolf.

*City Guardian has been replaced by the core cron overseer, which is basically like a regular orc warrior looking thug.

*Dreadlord varumathras was also removed and replaced by another normal orc creature, Sylvanas apparently changed with her updated model.

* Added some quests like looting pillows and searing gorge.

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