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​How To Farm Last Boss Baal In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Baal is the last big boss of Act 5 and the last boss of the game, defeating it means that your current game is all over and you can unlock the next difficulty mode. To defeat Baal, we must be fully prepared, although the battle is very difficult, we will be rewarded with top Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, this is a process worth our time and energy to challenge. So how to farm Baal more efficiently? In this guide, you will find the answer.

Where To Find Baal

At the end of Act 5, you can find Baal in the Worldstone Keep, you can reach this area by using the portal found on the dais of the Throne of Destruction level. But before going to meet Baal, don't forget to farm a little more in Act 5 for some extra levels and better D2R Items.

What is Baal Run

Baal Run is usually done while trying to beat a Difficulty in the game, but can also be repeated in all stages of the game for a great experience. During the battle with Baal, Baal will summon five different waves of enemies, each wave of enemies represents each Act of Diablo 2 Resurrected and each wave provides a great experience, but the last 2 waves are the toughest and by far the most valuable.

The best way to tell if you can Baal run depends on your ability to kill the Ancients. If you can beat them at the right speed, you should be able to clear most of Baal's Throneroom. Here are all the special monsters in Baal's Throneroom:

Colenzo the Annihilator

Achmel the Cursed

Bartuc the Bloody

Ventar the Unholy

Lister the Tormentor

Each of these Ancients also spawns several minions, please make sure you have enough healing and other resources to deal with Baal and these Ancients.

Strategy To Beat Baal

Baal uses multiple elements in the game, so increasing resistance to a single element isn't particularly beneficial. Like Diablo, Baal default doesn't have much resistance. It is 33% resistant to fire, frost, and lightning. He has 50% resistance to poison, and physical and magical damage has no effect on it.

So from Baal's stats, we can see that except for Magical, Baal's resistance is very comprehensive. So some of the best characters to kill Baal are Bone Necromancer and Blessed Hammer Paladin. If you're having trouble killing Baal's minions or Baal himself, we recommend farming on lower Difficulties or earlier Act bosses for better gear and levels.

Technically in order to fight Baal, all you need to do is clear out his room. Depending on your class, build, and play style, you may or may not want to clear at least half of the floor to give yourself room to kite mobs. On higher difficulties, Baal's resistance to various damages will be greatly increased. However, he is still vulnerable to magic attacks. So make sure you use a build with high magic damage potential against Baal.

Also, when you fight Baal, be sure to avoid his waves attack, as it will curse you with Decrepify, which reduces your movement, attack speed, damage, and physical resistance by 50% for a period of time. Another tip is to make sure you bring enough Mana Potions and Thawing Potions when you are ready to fight with Baal, as the thawing potions can deal cold damage to Baal, and the mana potions are valuable for replenishing your mana.

When Baal summons a clone (an evil effigy that looks like him and has the exact same abilities), we can try to always hold a Namelock on Baal or we can distinguish between real and fake Baal by the first letter of their name with their “Demon” race. If the "Demon" writing under the name is left aligned with Baal, it's the clone, if the "Demon" writing under the name is center aligned under Baal, that's the real Baal. The clone doesn't offer experience or loot, so it's best not to waste your time on it unless it has only a little life left and we should just focus on the real boss.

Another way is when Baal spawns a clone, you just run away from it and out of its sight for 8 seconds, when you run back the clone disappears and you can continue fighting the real Baal.

At last, of all the abilities Baal uses, dealing with hoarfrost should be the most painful thing for players, without Teleport, Leap, or any movement boosting skills, it's hard to avoid it. While it doesn't usually deal a lot of damage, it can disrupt your positioning and chain stuns you, while for the most part, you can live with Baal's other abilities without worrying too much.

The above are some suggestions and tips we've given you for farming Baal, ultimately the method you use will have to depend on your class, but no matter what, you have to avoid most attacks and do DPS on the right targets. If you're a spellcaster, be careful with curses. I hope you can successfully defeat Baal with the help of this guide and get fantastic D2R Ladder Items.




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