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​MMOSO WotLK - What are the Jewelcrafting, Tailoring, Gathering Professions and Best Profession Bonuses in WotLK Classic?


WotLK Classic: Benefits of Jewelcrafting

With the professions introduced in TBC, in addition to necklaces and rings, you mostly produce jewels that players can hammer into their equipment. However, only the jewelers themselves can obtain the best, one-of-a-kind wearable jewels. You can placethe following three stones:

Solid Dragon Eye: +51 Stamina

Iridescent Dragon Eye: 17 mana every 5 sec

Massive Dragon Eye: +34 hit rating

Bright Dragon Eye: +68 Attack Power

Runed Dragon Eye: +39 Spell Power

Chunky Dragon Eye: +34 Strength

Reflecting Dragon Eye: +34 Haste Rating

Fine-honed Dragon Eye: +34 Agility

Mystic Dragon Eye: +34 Resilience Rating

Fractured Dragon Eye: +34 Armor Penetration Rating

Precise Dragon Eye: +34 Expertise Rating

Brilliant Dragon Eye: +34 Intelligence

Stormy Dragon Eye: +43 Spell Penetration

Compact Dragon Eye: +34 Defense Rating

Smooth Dragon Eye: +34 Critical Strike Rating

Fragile Dragon Eye: +34 dodge rating

Shining Dragon Eye: +34 parry rating

Sparkling Dragon Eye: +34 Spirit

Additionally, you can craft some accessories that require 400 jewels Crafting skills:

Figure - Ruby Rabbit

Figure - Monarch Crab

Figure - Sapphire Owl

Figure - Emerald Boar

WotLK Classic: The benefits of tailoring

Those who are proficient in the art of tailoring can first look forward to the passive bonus of looting Nordic fabrics in Northrend. More Northrend figures? Great, after all your cargo needs an endless supply of frost cloth. Also exclusive is three cloak enchantments that give you exciting effects:

Bright Yarn: Used to weave delicate light patterns into capes. When casting a spell, has a chance to increase your spell power by 295 for 15 seconds. You can only embroider your own cloak and it will become the soul. Requires 400 tailoring skills.

Dark Glowing Yarn: Used to weave dark patterns into your cloak. Chance to restore 400 mana on the cast. You can only embroider your own cloak and it will become the soul. Requires 400 tailoring skills.

Swordwall Yarn: Used to weave magical patterns onto your cloak. Gives your melee and ranged attacks a chance to increase your attack power by 400 for 15 seconds. You can only embroider your own cloak and it will become the soul. Requires 400 tailoring skills.

But that's not all. With Tailoring 425, you can craft two Tailor-exclusive Frozen Flying Carpets and Great Flying Carpets. You can also use Master's Magic Thread or Consecrated Magic Thread on your pants, they are much cheaper to produce than the Shiny Magic Thread and Sapphire Magic Thread that a non-tailor has to master. All other items that Tailors can craft are equipment bound and therefore tradable.

WotLK Classic: The benefits of collecting professions

As Northrend expands, gathering professions also gain exclusive advantages. While they can't match the crafting bonuses, they're still good.

Mining: Toughness

Skinning: Master of Anatomy

Herbalism: Lifeblood

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Which professions are the best in WotLK Classic?

Let us first state that the benefits of collecting professions cannot compete with the bonuses of manufacturing professions. If we compare the crafting class bonuses in the next steps, we'll see that these usually give you fairly high bonuses, such as 46 magic power, 80 attack power or 60 stamina.

The biggest exception is engineering. Not only does this profession give you the most exclusive perks, but you can also get one of the best item upgrades in the game, the Overdrive Booster. Engineering is a great option if you want to get the most out of your hero.

Forge also gets our recommendation. These two extra slots give you the flexibility that other classes lack. This is especially interesting when we look at secondary stats like armor penetration, which will become very important as the WotLK era progresses.

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