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​MMOSO - WoW WotLK Classic Engineering Guide: Leveling, Materials and Recipes


World of Warcraft players should know that engineering has always been one of the staple professions. This profession that uses rocket boots to give players a speed boost, parachutes for fall speed, and many other benefits of mobile pits, goggles, and many more have always had its niche.

This type of benefit can be very well anticipated in the release of WotLK Classic, with a plethora of new recipes available for learning and items crafted by engineers, which have also been well proven in beta. MMOSO has carefully written this in-depth guide to engineering in WotLK Classic for the majority of players.

WotLK Classic

WoW Classic WotLK Engineering Guide

Engineering is one of the more popular professions, and each expansion brings something new and exciting to the player. Unlike blacksmithing, leatherworking, and the like, this is a profession that not only provides gear, but also small unique items.

In this guide, we'll take a look at what the class has to offer in the upcoming WotLK Classic expansion, provide an upgrade guide from Vanilla to WotLK, and list some recipes that will be highly sought after in the new expansion.

What does engineering offer in WotLK Classic?

Once WotLK Classic launches, there will be a plethora of items and other features that will benefit players. First, players can benefit from a lot of gear, especially at the beginning of the expansion. These include weapons such as the Armor Plated Combat Shotgun or the Nesingwary 4000, as well as Epic helmet pieces such as the Armored Titanium Goggles, Greensight Gogs, Visage Liquification Goggles, Weakness Spectralizers, and more.

In addition to gear, players can create many interesting or useful items, as mentioned earlier. These include mounts such as the Mechano-hog for Horde and the Mekgineer's Chopper for Alliance, projectiles for the aforementioned weapons such as Saronite Razorheads, Mammoth Cutters, or the ever so beneficial mobile mailbox, MOLL-E, and mobile repair, Jeeves.

How to level Engineering in WotLK Classic?

Unlike players in Tailoring or Enchanting professions, where materials are hard to come by since they don't have a mining profession to benefit them, Engineers can use mining as a great and economical way to improve their skills.

Knowing that it can be fairly simple, as players can mine nodes for the materials they need, thus completing the process.

Required Materials

Below is the approximate material for upgrading the WotLK Classic project. This includes materials from Vanilla, TBC Classic and WotLK Classic.


90x Rough Stone

50x Copper Bar

50x Coarse Stone

50x Silver Bar

60x Heavy Stone

24x Bronze Bar

40x Gold Bar

8x Iron Bar;

4x Steel Bar

90x Solid Stone

95x Mithril Bar

15x Mageweave Cloth;

40x Dense Stone

130x Thorium Bar

30x Runecloth.


43x Fel Iron Bar

10x Mote of Fire

20x Mote of Earth

30x Netherweave Cloth

54x Khorium Bar

18 x Primal Fire

144x Adamantite Bar


280x Cobalt Bar

7x Frostweave Cloth

68x Crystallized Water

10x Crystallized Earth

15x Crystallized Fire

555x Saronite Bar

Engineering Leveling Guide

Here's how to use the materials to level Engineering.

Vanilla (1-300)

1-40: Rough Blasting Powder (1x Rough Stone)

40-50: Handful of Copper Bolts (1x Copper Bar)

50: Arclight Spanner (6x Copper Bar)

51-65: Copper Tube (2x Copper Bar, 1x Weak Flux)

65-75: Rough Boomstick (1 x Copper Tube, 1x Handful of Copper Bolts, 1x Wooden Stock)

75-95: Coarse Blasting Powder (x Coarse Stone)

95-125: Silver Contact (1x Silver Bar)

125-145: Heavy Blasting Powder (1x Heavy Stone)

145-150: Big Bronze Bomb (2x Heavy Blasting Powder, 3x Bronze Bar, 1x Silver Contact)

150-170: Gold Power Core (1x Gold Bar)

170-175: Gyrochronatom (1x Iron Bar, 1x Gold Power Core)

175: Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor (4x Steel Bar)

176-195: Solid Blasting Powder (2x Solid Stone)

195-200: Mithril Tube (3x Mithril Bar)

200-210: Unstable Trigger (1x Mithril Bar, 1x Mageweave Cloth, 1x Solid Blasting Powder)

210-225: Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs (1x Mithril Bar, 1x Solid Blasting Powder)

225-235: Mithril Casing (3x Mithril Bar)

235-245: Hi-Explosive Bomb (2x Mithril Casing, 1x Unstable Trigger, 2x Solid Blasting Powder)

245-250: Mithril Gyro-Shot (2x Mithril Bar, 2x Solid Blasting Powder)

250-260: Dense Blasting Powder (3x Dense Stone)

260-285: Thorium Widget (3 x Thorium Bar, 1 x Runecloth)

285-300: Thorium Shells (1x Thorium Bar, 1x Dense Blasting Powder)

TBC (300-375)

All three will be required for future engineering leveling. You need to focus on crafting 60 Fel Iron Casting, 200 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, and 40 Elemental Blasting Powder.


Fel Iron Casting (3x Fel Iron Bar)

Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (1x Fel Iron Bar)

Elemental Blasting Powder (1x Mote of Fire, 1x Mote of Earth)

310-320: Fel Iron Bomb (1x Fel Iron Casing, 2x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 1x Elemental Blasting Powder)

320-335: Fel Iron Musket (3x Fel Iron Casing, 6x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 1x Heavy Stock)

335-350: White Smoke Flares (1x Netherweave Cloth, 1x Elemental Blasting Power)


Green Smoke Flare 1x Netherweave Cloth, 1x Elemental Blasting Power, 1x Green Dye)

In order to craft White Smoke Flares, players need to purchase its recipe. There are four NPCs that can be purchased from Wind Trader Lathrai in the Lower City of Shattrath. Additionally, it can be purchased in two new faction major cities:

Yatheon in the Horde's Silvermoon City

Feera is just outside Exodar for Alliance

For Green Smoke Flares, players can visit Federline Swiftspear at the Cenarion Refuge in Zargarmarsh, and if friendly with the Cenarion Expedition, they can buy the recipe.

350-360: Khorium Power Core (3x Khorium Bar, 1x Primal Fire)


Field Repair Bot 110G (8x Adamantite Bar, 8x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 1x Khorium Power Core)

In order to make Field Repair Bot 110Gs, players will need to farm its Schematic from Gan'arg Analyzer in Blade's Edge Mountains—between Forge Camp Wrath and Forge Camp Terror.

The NPC is quite hard to find, so here are some coordinates that could help find him:

(28.3, 46.6)

(33.2, 51.0)

(31.6, 64.2)

(27.0, 68.1)

WotLK (375-435)

350-375 (For players who want to skip the final two sections of TBC Engineering)

Handful of Cobalt Bolts (2x Cobalt Bar)

Volatile Blasting Trigger (3x Cobalt Bar, 1x Crystallized Water)

You will need approximately 50 Handful of Cobalt Bolts and 24 Volatile Blasting Trigger later on. Making all of these should get you past 375 at 377 from 350 if need be. If already at 375, make them anyway as they will get you at 377.

377-385: Overcharged Capacitor (40x Cobalt Bar, 10x Crystallized Earth). Like the two items above, you will also need these.

385-390: Explosive Decoy (7x Frostweave Cloth, 21x Volatile Blasting Trigger)

390-400: Froststeel Tube (120x Cobalt Bar, 15 Crystallized Water). You will need a total of 15 of these for later. You will most likely level past 400, just make the required amount.

400-405: Diamond-cut Refractor Scope (5x Froststeel Tube, 10x Handful of Cobalt Bolts)

405-410: Box of Bombs (25x Saronite Bar, 5x Volatile Blasting Trigger)

410-415: Goblin Beam Welder (30x Saronite Bar, 15x Crystallized Fire, 15x Crystallized Water)

415-425: Mana Injector Kit (144x Saronite Bar, 24 Crystallized Water)

425-430: Mechanized Snow Goggles (56x Saronite Bar, 14x Borean Leather, 7 Eternal Shadow)

430-435: Noise Machine (10x Froststeel Tube, 10x Overcharged Capacitator, 40x Handful of Cobalt Bolts)

435-450: Gnomish Army Knife (300x Saronite Bar, 30x Skinning Knife, 30x Minning Pick, 30x Blacksmithing hammer)

This item is green starting at level 445, which means you have to craft a lot of them for a few points. Also, for the last two points, the player can create a wormhole generator: Northrend (8x Titanium Bar, 2x Eternal Shadow, 2x Eternal Water, 2x Eternal Fire, 2x Eternal Air) and an epic engineering helmet of your choice.

Recipes to look out for in WotLK Classic

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, engineers can look forward to crafting a lot of armor and items in due time. From weapons such as the Armor Plated Combat Shotgun or Nesingwary 4000 to mounts such as the Mechano-hog for Horde and the Mekgineer's Chopper for Alliance.

That being said, here are some to look out for and where to find them.

Schematic: Jeeves

Drops from Library Guardians in Storm Peaks - can be found around the (37.5, 45.0) coordinates

Library Guardians also drop SCRAP-E Access Card which begins a quest to learn how to make Scrapbot Construction Kit, an ingredient in making Jeeves.

Schematic: Mechanog-hog

Purchasable from Gara Skullscruch at Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra or Sebastian Crane at Vengeance Landing in Howling Fjord.

Requires Exalted reputation with the Horde Expedition

Schematic: Mekgineers' Chopper

Purchasable from Logisitcs Officer Silverstone in Valiance Keep in the Borean Tundra or Logistics Officer Brighton at Valgarde in the Howling Fjord

Requires Exalted reputation with the Alliance Vanguard


Nesingwary 4000

Wormhole Generator: Northrend

Hyperspeed Accelerators

Armored Titanium Goggles

Charged Titanium Specs

Electroflux Sight Enhancers

Greensight Gogs

Mechanized Snow Goggles

Truesight Ice Blinders

Visage Liquification Goggles

All of the above was learned from Timofey Oshenko at the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran or any of the Engineering trainers in select locations.

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