​MMOSO - What is the mount of WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic Deluxe Edition?

The news of the WoW Wrath of the Lich King classic expansion is hot, and the beta version is also going smoothly. We found it interesting to consider some of the unknown elements of this "new" expansion. One of those, of course, is the Deluxe Edition mount, which players will likely get as soon as the expansion launches, just like the TBC Classic. But what could it be?

Loutrèke, cute and profitable


Friends completely out of touch with modern games: "What is Loutrèke?". Don't worry, you didn't know this creature was normal as it was introduced and discovered by players in the Alpha of the Dragonflight expansion pack. That's the specific name Blizzard has chosen to give to its in-game otters, and the least we can say is that they've been quite successful in the community.

If his models are particularly unique and endearing, so are his skeletons. All of its animations are unique, and from Dragonflight, one can easily imagine that the softness the creature embodies might encourage Blizzard to see the mount as a bonus on the Deluxe Edition. After all, how many players would be willing to pay for such a mount at WotLK Classic? Trust us, your estimate may be too low compared to the likely reality!

The only real downside: while this mount echoes the Rohats of Dragon Isle, and therefore somewhere in Northrend, we're far from what we imagined the continent of Azeroth to be so attractive to players far. Wasn't she ultimately too cute to be driven in large part by "the charisma of Arthas", according to some?

Yet another Proto-drake, "easy" solution


One of the more popular options we've heard here is the introduction of the new Frost Wyrm as a mount for this deluxe edition. But here it is: there are already a few in the game, and they're for players who manage to complete all the achievements in Icecrown or Gladiator. Therefore, a relatively prestigious frame, its appearance must undoubtedly remain unique.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that the creation of a new Proto-Dragon can be imagined. Wrath of the Lich King doesn't actually offer any harness versions of these mounts if there's already a whole bunch of them in various colors. A blue proto-dragon on which we added powerful armor like the Sons of Galakras?

The idea seems unlikely to us considering the lack of innovation, but the original drakes were so iconic in Northrend and Wrath of the Lich King that they were no doubt a possibility Blizzard had considered one! Then they fly, which is a huge selling point in this ubiquitous collection of features!

Collectible Card Game (TCG) mounts?

(TCG) mounts

Since TBC Classic, Blizzard seems to like the idea of offering rewards for players of the classic version of the game from the original collectible card game. These items can be obtained in a number of ways and are often highly coveted by players willing to buy them, the latest being the incredible Fire Tabard available in the promo pack.

What if the deluxe mount is actually a new mount version of the TCG? Most popular in WotLK, especially when it was introduced, especially the white-haired rhinoceros that could make a comeback. Representing Northrend perfectly without sounding "bling" like Frost Wyrm, it fits perfectly with the player's idea of an expansion.

The only downsides: it can't fly, and its mods aren't new, although few players have ever touched it.

Jormungar, the iconic creature of Northrend


The most likely final option, and by far the favorite of many players, is to add a mount similar to one of Northrend's most fearsome and powerful creatures: the Jormungar. These giant carnivorous worms have long been a dream for some players, especially followers of Norse mythology, as the Jormungars were inspired by Jörmungand and fit perfectly with the idea of our exclusive mounts available for purchase in World of Warcraft: unique models, exclusive animations And coveted by players, this mount has it all!

Like many others on this list, she probably can't fly. But deep down, the Awakening Phase Hunter couldn't fly either. Even if WotLK is more theft-focused than TBC, is this really an argument?

We want Jormungar as a mount. Pity. Also, we could even imagine it could be a mount with multiple passenger slots, which would be crazy, but only if the mechanic on the Tundra Journey Mammoth is still exclusive to this mount.

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