​MMOSO - How to get to Howling Fjord in WoW WotLK Classic

The Fjord is one of two starting areas available to players at the start of the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King expansion, along with the Borean Tundra. Howling Fjord is one of the first areas players encounter when traveling in Northrend, how do we get there?

The Alliance and Horde have two different ways to reach the Howling Fjord, and players from opposing factions may not interact with each other on their journeys to and through the area. This should be a change from many classic veterans, as both Alliance and Horde players start out in the same area in TBC, resulting in too many players competing to complete the same tasks. In WotLK, this is not the case, as the two factions are completely separated into two parts in two different areas.

Alliance and Horde players looking to travel to Howling Fjord can get there in the following different ways.

Howling Fjord


Getting to Howling Fjord is relatively easy as an Alliance player unlocking the Menethil Harbor flight path.

Once you arrive at Menethil Harbor, go to the port area where the pier is located, then go to the pier on the far right. The dockmaster for the boat heading to the Howling Fjord is Ludin Farrow. If you see him, you've come to the right place. The ship that will take you to the Howling Fjord looks a little different than a standard Alliance ship, as it is adorned with an eagle's head and gold trim on the sides.

Once the ship arrives, board and prepare for your journey to Northrend. After a brief but incredible scenic journey across the sea, you'll arrive at Valgarde, the Alliance's base of operations in the Howling Fjord.


Horde players will travel to the Howling Fjord in a zeppelin. The zeppelins heading to the Howling Fjord are easily accessible from the Undercity.

After leaving the Undercity through the main entrance of the Undercity, approach the Zeppelin Tower on the far left on the west side of the area. Climb up the steps of the airship tower until the airship (named Cloudkisser) reaches the tower. After a short ride on the airship, you'll be transported to the Horde camp on the far east coast of Howling Fjord for a vengeance landing.

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