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​MMOSO WotLK - What do you need to know about WoW Classic WotLK Fresh Start Field?

Rumors of a WoW Classic WotLK expansion pack have been confirmed. However, this will be different than in the past, where fans are very sensitive to the "real" classic experience, and Blizzard is still as greedy and ruthless as ever in its pursuit of profit. One possible answer could be the "fresh start" servers that Blizzard is preparing to launch as part of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Here are some important facts that players know so far.

Coming In With The Pre-Patch

The Fresh Start Realm is designed to prepare players in Northrend, and it's for players level 70 and above. This means that when those areas are open, the new world will still be locked and will remain until the official release of the expansion.

Blizzard's intention seems to be for players to level up their characters in Old Azeroth and Outland before taking them to Northrend. It remains to be seen how much time players will have to complete the process. After all, this game is designed for casual users, but the hardcore, sweaty genre that reaches speed levels in a few hours should also get some love, and the idea of starting a fresh server will be a real test of the player's mettle.

Everyone starts at level one

It means everyone. This is a server without any boosts, other than a server where players can arrange with higher level friends or guilds as they did 15 years ago. There's also nothing in the WoW store to bypass this process, or at least that's what the company says.

Every character in every new beginning realm rolls there and levels up there. Blizzard intends to give each server enough population with a mix of old and new players that upgrading in more traditional ways, such as running dungeons or tracking elite enemies, won't be as difficult.

No Incoming Character Transfers For 90 Days

Players who think they can get around these rules by moving higher-level characters to the Fresh Start server will have to think more. Characters can be transferred from a fresh start server to another server, but no other "cartoon characters" can be brought in regardless of level.

Related to this is another rule change regarding all servers, not just those designated as a fresh start. Previously, role transfers were limited to the same type of realm. The PvP realm does not accept characters from the PvE realm and vice versa. After the initial 90 days, this limit will be lifted from all servers, including fresh start servers.

No Character Boosts For 90 Days

Considering the revenue gold that character promotions bring to Blizzard, it seems hard to believe that the company would deliberately create a server that doesn't allow any character level promotions. However, this appears to be one of the core rules of the new server, and those in power are sticking to it.

Of course, that doesn't include death knights. This class was introduced in an extension and has a notorious history. Unlike other classes, this class has an advanced start at level 55, but cannot be played until the expansion drops. However, some other basketball players on the Fresh Start servers had to work their way through this exciting new course.

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At Least One Toon Of Level 55 Needed To Roll A Death Knight

Before they can fully enjoy the expansion, players on the Fresh Start server will have to do some work to get their death knight. Anyway, the Fresh Start servers are supposed to be used to level up characters, so when the expansion drops, players launching new cartoons on these servers should have characters close to level 60.

Anyway, that seems to be the plan. It remains to be seen that Blizzard will decide the appropriate time to level up a character to at least level 55 without boosting or transferring. It's another tightrope walk between the casual fan base and the more dedicated raiders and endgame enthusiasts.

Waiting For A Release Date

Of course, the big question is when the release date should be. Fans were excited about the initial announcement of the most popular expansion in MMORPG history earlier this year, but time flies and the longer the delay, the less hopeful it looks. A game in a hurry is always bad, and players would rather wait than Blizzard release something unfinished just to cash in when the game catches on.

These signs seem to point to roughly three months from the pre-patch to the actual release date of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. This is the number of times players have to wait until they can transfer a character or roll a death knight on a fresh start server, and at least three months to level up a character to at least level 55. Most of the predictions in the forums and news are that the WotLK Classic Beta will end in mid-August, and the official launch of WotLK Classic will be around September 13 this year. Stay tuned!

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