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​MMOSO - What is the best server in WoW WotLK Classic? Suggest

Wrath of the Lich King Classic is rumored to be released in September 2022. A great story with numerous iconic characters, legendary instances like Ulduar, and a classic MMO with continuously expanding talent trees (31, 41 and 51 points) should ensure an influx, not just among veterans. From level 1 to level 80, players experience each of the three parts in their largely raw form, which leaves an excellent overall impression. Also, the death knight was the first new class and is still very popular today.

Blizzard gears up for WotLK Classic

By the end of the TBC classic era, the population figures in the classic realm were extremely unbalanced - in addition to numerous ghost servers, there were several giant servers. For example, to address this issue, Blizzard shut down its large EU server Firemaw and is now offering a free transfer option to smaller servers. As a further measure, a total of 20 servers will be shut down on August 10, 2022, and the remaining players will be automatically assigned to other more populated servers - including RP servers. In return, new tier 1 servers went live with WotLK Classic Pre-Patch, however, it comes with framework conditions: all players start with new characters at tier 1, and are not allowed to upgrade their characters in those areas through the service for at least 90 days. Additionally, new realms cannot be used for character transfer destinations for at least 90 days, and death knights cannot be created without a level 55 character in the same realm.

The pre-patch phase of WotLK Classic should last at least two weeks and a maximum of six weeks. The current trend is three to four weeks. The XP buff should also be activated a few weeks before the WotLK Classic 3.4.0 pre-patch, and be available to you at least six to eight weeks later, i.e. until the WotLK Classic release date. Taken together, all the measures mentioned here should ensure a smooth start to the new World of Warcraft's most epic expansion.

Which TBC Classic servers do you currently recommend?

Despite the fresh economy of the new WotLK Classic server, many are likely to stay with their current protagonists because, on the one hand, level 70 (plus crafts) is not trivial despite the XP buff, and on the other hand, gold is expensive The riding and mounts need to be farmed first.

When WotLK Classic goes live after the public beta this fall, the stratification of the currently densely populated realm is sure to become an issue again. Experience has shown that many players initially prefer to accept the login queue, rather than waiting a long time for dungeon and raid or auction house sales. So you can assume that currently, full servers will be full, and many servers with large populations will be full.

Faction balance is also especially important in the PvP realm, where you can't simply check with a warmode switch to see if the opposing team is in the majority again, as in "Retail"-WoW. Below you can find out which servers are particularly recommended from the perspectives mentioned so far.


Razorfen (PvE)


Nethergarde Keep (PvE)

The servers mentioned above are currently moderately populated, and experience has shown that they will fill up quickly after WotLK Classic launches. In general, it can be said that the number of PvE fields is obviously too large, and the choices are correspondingly small. If you want to play on one of the PvP servers, please wait until after August 10, 2022, when the realm merger is complete. Recommendations cannot be made here at this time. There is still a month after the Beta, and WotLK Classic will be launched on September 13th. (The official announcement for the specific time shall prevail)

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