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​MMOSO - WotLK test server group book is open, a lot of bug fixes, and Death Knight creation rules announced!


Blizzard released the article "Incarnation of a Death Knight in "Wrath of the Lich King", which comprehensively introduced players to the "new professional" death knight that will debut in the WotLK nostalgic server. At the same time, Blizzard updated the next stage of the WotLK Classic Beta test in the form of a blue post on the official website of the US server, indicating that a large number of bugs have been fixed, and the Naxx group test will be launched on July 21.

The group book is open, a lot of bug fixes, and WotLK will not be postponed

In the latest blue post, Blizzard announced a large number of beta test server contents and fixed a lot of bugs.

The first is that the novice area of Death Knight (DK) will be divided into different stages according to factions. This should be to allow players from different factions to level up the new hero class of DK more smoothly. Then, the use of plug-ins has been fully supported in the WotLK test server, and players can now use plug-ins such as mission guidance to play WotLK.

In addition, there are two other very heavy contents, which are also lacking in the current test server. One is that the arena function will be enabled for testing, and a test season will be launched in the Beta test server for players to test PvP problems between occupations.

At the same time, the team copy will also start the test on July 21st, which should include the first phase of Naxx, Eternal Eye and Obsidian Temple.

Finally, there are still a lot of bugs in the beta test server that have been fixed, which involve various aspects, including game content, task content, occupation content, etc., here are a lot of mistakes in the new occupation DK, the current rune mechanism has been pressed As expected, and the recharge frequency is fixed.

It's very normal to have bugs in the test server, and Blizzard is stepping up to fix these bugs so that the game's release can be carried out according to their plan.

A few days ago, many people thought that the beta test still has a long time to go, the reason is that the arena and the group book have not been opened for a long time and a lot of bugs have not been fixed, and then they came to the conclusion that the eve and WotLK will be delayed... In fact, these contents need to be carried out in batches, and Blizzard has never said the exact release time. The current update of the test server also slapped these people in the face, which is almost exactly what the wild prediction said.

Death Knight

What are the creation methods and rules of WotLK Classic's new hero class Death Knight (DK)?

The first death knight character you create on any server is not affected by any restrictions.

After the first death knight is created, the subsequent creation of any death knight character requires you to have a level 55 character on that server.

You can only have one Death Knight character per server.

That is to say, even if you are a new account and have never played the game in level 60 or TBC nostalgic server, you can directly create a level 55 DK to play, without the need for the original WotLK or the current game. This kind of indescribable suit is like playing a different profession to level 55 first. This is a very good change for newcomers.

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