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​MMOSO WotLK - Team raids major changes: the end of the battle will reset all player skills CD, Bloodthirsty / Heroic!


Blizzard has just released a new blue post for WotLK Classic about major changes to the WotLK Classic team raid system. Three points have been raised, each of which is closely related to the player. Today we will give you a detailed introduction.


The buff will be reset after switching dual talents

The WotLK version is the first time that Blizzard has introduced a dual talent system, but there is a problem with the dual talent system, that is, after players get a powerful buff in one talent, they can still retain the buff of the previous talent when they switch to another talent. This is clearly a bug.

So the official is currently implementing a mechanism to check the player's talents and buffs. When the player switches talents, all buffs that do not belong to the current talent will be cleared. This means that players will no longer be able to use the method of switching talents before battle to keep the buff of another talent.

Great skill cooldown will reset after the battle

Blizzard said in the blue post that skills with long cooldowns have always been a lot of feedback from players. In TBC Classic, especially in the group battles of Sunwell Heights, players often encounter long cooldowns for certain skills after fighting or destroying the group, especially bosses like Muru, destroying the group. The raid is very fast, but each kill takes minutes to wait for heroic or bloodthirsty cooldowns before the next attempt. It doesn't feel good.

This issue has actually been resolved in later versions of World of Warcraft, because as long as the battle is over (whether it's defeating the boss or destroying the group), the player's long CD skill will be reset immediately. Therefore, the official decision is to implement a similar system in WotLK Classic. Skills with a basic cooldown of two minutes or more will reset their CD after the battle. Here are some examples of exceptions, such as a shaman's resurrection/astral teleportation, a warlock's summon hellfire/doom guard, a paladin's Lay on Hands, etc.

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This can be said to be the biggest improvement since the release of the WotLK Classic, which means that many occupations will receive great buffs in battle. For example, in every battle and every Boss attempt, warriors can use Reckless (unfortunately cut)/Shield Wall, DKs can use Army of the Dead, etc...

This is a great improvement for the player's game experience, no need to fool around with such skills, and it can also greatly improve the efficiency and fun of players' wasteland reclamation, because waiting for skill CDs is really boring.


This last addition is an addition to the above changes, after WLK, the shaman's bloodlust/heroic will give the player a Satisfaction/Exhausted debuff and prevent the player from getting the same buff again.

In WotLK Classic, this debuff will last until death, even if the player is revived, the debuff will not be clear, but it will be cleared after the boss battle is over with the skill's cooldown reset.

This also means that players can only receive the Bloodthirst/Heroic buff once per battle, and intentional suicide to clear the buff no longer works. And after the battle, the debuff will be automatically cleared whether the player dies or not, and there is no need to commit suicide to clear the debuff.

MMOSO will always provide useful guides and news for the majority of WoW players, you can bookmark the page to check it at any time. When you need Classic WotLK Gold can also be traded here, our prices are based on market prices, and will be lower than average, so as to give users the greatest discount. It is our aim to serve every user well!

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