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Last Epoch Marksman Hail of Arrows Build Guide




    Marksman is a dynamic class that revolves around dealing damage from a safe distance while dodging incoming attacks and weaving between enemies. If you are looking for a powerful build for him, then this passage recommend you to try the Marksman Hail of Arrows Build. I suppose you will like it, and this build helps you grinding quickly.



Overview of the Marksman Hail of Arrows Build

    The Hail of Arrows is a powerful build of the marksman class in the Last Epoch. It mainly uses its core skill, "Hail of Arrows", to achieve its output potential. Arrow can add a variety of attribute damage, including which arrow has high critical strike and sustained damage.


Gameplay of Marksman Hail of Arrows Build 

    The key to the build is to make full use of the skill and add various gain effects to it. Players need to focus on increasing critical strike damage, toxin damage bonus, area range, etc. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the element resistance, life and the first class defense attributes. Reasonable talent points and equipment collocation are the key to achieving great output.


    I believe I don't need to repeat too much, marksman talent is the key, toxin penetration, element damage and increased movement speed are all key.



Skill Configuration

    Hail of Arrows is the core skill of gameplay, the higher the level, the better, mainly ignite damage, the damage is very important.


    Dark Quiver as the core damage skills, point plus damage or toxic damage are pretty good, the profit is very high.


    Shift is the main displacement skill, the collocation skill of the Hail of Arrows, mainly is to increase the damage.


    Smoke Bomb is a skill that can create shadows and help the players survive.


Main Gears

    The weapon can choose Acidfletch, which can increase the duration of Hail of Arrows. Recommended point damage for punching holes and the duration of Hail of Arrows needs to be as high as possible.


    Choose the Arrow Guard, it is the core gear of the gameplay, the prefix is the first damage deflection, armor can also be selected.  



    The Peak of the Mountain is the gear to improve the output. For drilling, the dark Arrow bag level and Hail of Arrows duration are preferred, and the suffix finds the life and life limit.


    Gloves can choose resistance through gloves, punching is mainly looking for life.


    The Soul Gamblers Fallacy is a more versatile amulet, with a priority to life and magic regeneration.


    Foot of the Mountain, improve the full attribute, the main prefix for damage resistance.


    In terms of Idols, the main prefix is the duration of Hail of Arrows, the suffix requires life and element resistance, and small Idols supplement health and resistance.


    The Blessing is simple, using Grand Echo of Solarum, Grand Survival of Might, Grand Embers of Immortality, Aurora's Time Glass, Grand Protection of Heorot, etc.



The Pros and Cons


Very high sustained damage output.

The scope is larger, which can cause damage to the group of monsters.

The gameplay is flexible.


Early investment is higher, the need to be specially installed.

The opponent has more residual, which need to pay attention to the displacement and movement.


    In general, the build should take full advantage of the skill, and highly focus on gain bonus, while both defense and security, so as to exert a strong continuous output capability. In addition to the  Hail of Arrows, Flame Hail of Arrows and Explosive Arrows are also common builds of Marksmen. Different attributes of the Hail of Arrows has its own characteristics, players can choose according to their own preferences.




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