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Elden Ring: Gelmir Hero's Grave Guide




    The Gelmir Hero's Grave is a key underground cemetery in the Elden Ring game, located in the volcanic region of the eastern Altus Plateau. There are many underground cemeteries and heritages worth exploring here. Similarly, there are also multiple powerful bosses distributed here. Here is a guide to the Gelmir Hero's Grave of Mount Gelmir:



Location and Route

    The Gelmir Hero's Grave is found in Mt. Gelmir, high above the center of the region. Players can get to the entrance of these catacombs by heading northwest from the Bridge of Iniquity site of grace, climbing up the rope ladder to the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite site of grace and heading around west. Alternatively, you can reach the catacombs by walking along the long jagged rock extending from the north of Hermit Village over the chasm (use the Primeval Sorcerer Azur Site of Grace).


    Unlike most Catacombs and Hero's Graves, the doors leading to the Boss chamber in this dungeon do not require opening with a lever, they open manually. Inside the Gelmir Hero Cemetery, you need to be careful when dealing with magma traps, flamethrowers, and powerful enemies. At the same time, there are also hidden collectibles such as treasure chests, gears, and important items here. Defeat the powerful boss "Red Wolf of the Champion" in this cemetery to obtain the Bloodhound Knight Floh.



    The Lesser Cemetery Shade and the Red Wolf of the Champion are two of the more formidable enemies in the Gelmir Hero's Grave. To reach the location of these two bosses, you need to start from the first rest station of the Gelmir Volcano in the Gelmir Volcano area and follow a downhill path to find the entrance to the cemetery.


Lesser Cemetery Shade: Lesser Cemetery Shade is the wandering soul of a knight, equipped with spears and flame attacks, and is the first boss in the cemetery. It has powerful melee attacks and some long-range black mist skills. Although its movements are slow, it has strong attacking power and needs to be careful to avoid attacks.


    When we fight it, we start by using ranged attacks to reduce its health. When it approaches, dodge and continue to strike behind it. Immediately retreat when it is ready to release the skill. Maintain patience and wait for it to be released before attacking. Lesser Cemetery Shades are very sensitive to fire attributes, and using flame mana or flame casting weapons can cause considerable damage to them. In addition, it has a slower speed, making it safer to attack it with defensive weapons such as spears and crossbows.


Red Wolf of the Champion: Red Wolf of the Champion is the ultimate boss of the cemetery, a massive red wolf shaped monster. An incarnation of an ancient hero, guarding the treasure of the cemetery. It has strong melee abilities and flame attacks, and will summon small wolf companions to join the battle. It is agile and a very challenging opponent. After defeating it, you can obtain Deathroot and the Bloodhound Knight Floh.



    When preparing for battle, we first observe the boss's attack mode and action reading. Red wolves have many range AOE attacks, don't be greedy. Strike when it relaxes its guard and concentrate on attacking the head and hind legs, which can easily cause injury. Be careful to avoid its biting and charging attacks. These attacks are highly lethal. If you use magic remote output, always pay attention to your own magic value. Red wolves are very agile and find it difficult to consistently attack from a distance.


    In terms of gears, it is recommended to use defensive heavy gears combined with handheld flame weapons or wands for medium range attacks. You can also choose lightweight and fast long-range weapons, emphasizing mobility. Don't be intimidated by its size, as long as you find the rhythm, you can gradually reduce its health.


Matters Needing Attention

    This cemetery is quite dangerous. It is recommended to wait until level 50+before attempting to enter.

    There are powerful bosses and traps inside. If your strength is not enough, it's best to skip them temporarily.

    Be careful of the Thunderbolt Magic Trap after entering the cemetery, as it can cause huge damage.



    The Gelmir Hero's Grave is a huge challenge for players. Beginners suggest going to other areas to level up first, waiting until they are strong enough before returning, in order to successfully pass the level and obtain valuable gears and heritages. The Gelmir Hero's Grave area is vast in scale and requires careful exploration to uncover all secrets. I hope this guide is helpful to you.




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