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Diablo 2: Resurrected - A powerful Freezing Arrow Amazon Build Guide




Freezing Arrow Amazon is an Amazon class building that focuses on on dealing Cold Damage and freezing enemies. This build is good at dealing with dense areas and achieving satisfactory ice explosion effects. It also has a variety of damage types, so it is good for immune monsters and is perfect for the single player. This guide will show you how to build a powerful Freezing Arrow Amazon character, including skill layout, equipment advice, and gameplay tips.



Core Skills

The main skill is Freezing Arrow, plus 20 points. It also relies on Cold Arrow, add 20 points and Ice Arrow, add 20 points as pre-position skills. Other recommended skills include: Magic Arrow(1 piont), Multiple Shot (1 point), Slow Missiles (1 point), Decoy (1 point), Valkyrie (20 points), and Evade (1 point).


Freezing Arrow: This is the main attack skill that can freeze and eventually destroy the enemy.



Cold Arrow: This skill has a strong synergy with frozen arrows to increase freezing damage.

Ice Arrow: Enchants arrows that deal additional cold damage and will temporarily freeze the target.

Magic Arrow: It is a useful skill at early levels, granting users the ability to use a bow without expending any arrows.

Multiple Shot: Splits one arrow into many at reduced damage, used for AOE output at a lower level.

Slow Missiles: used to slow down the movement of the enemy.

Decoy: Get enemy's attention and increase survivability.

Valkyrie: Valkyries are powerful summoned tanks, which are especially useful for Amazons. They attack in the form of a Melee Spear attack, regardless of which weapon and specialization the Amazon has.

Evade: Small dodge helps you survival.


Gears Selection

Weapon: Choose a four sockets Matriarchal Bow as the main weapon and embed it with a set of Faith Runes. With massive damage and attack speed added due to the inherited Fanaticism aura, Faith is one of the most physically damaging missing weapons in the game, and is one of the best options for Botswana. Choose the three sockets Hunter's Bow as the secondary weapon and embed a set of Hustle Runes. Hustle Runes combines the effects of Fanaticism, Burst of Speed and a large increased attack speed modifier to bump attack speed up tremendously for you.



Armor: Three sockets Dusk Shroud is a good choice, paired with a set of Enigma Runes. This not only enhances the defense ability of the armor, but also retains the characteristics of light armor.

Gloves: Magic gloves with+3 level bow and arrow skills and 20% attack speed.

Circlets: Pain Visor Diamond

Neck: Dream Gorget Amulet

Charms: Choose three Fletcher's Grand Charm of Vita, three Fletcher's Grand Charm of Balance, Large Charms Hellfire Torch, Hibernal Small Charm of Good Luck and Small Charms Annihilus

Other: Focus on increasing damage output, attack hit rate, and elemental damage.

These gears are good choices because they can improve the Freezing Arrow output. Players can also choose their favorite gears according to their actual needs.



Pros and Cons

Pros: High damage output, strong range control ability, good survival ability.

Cons: Low damage to immune monsters, need auxiliary equipment or trumpet to complement.


Game Tips

Using the field control ability of Freezing Arrow, freeze the monster group first, and then use skills such as Magic Arrows to consume health. To deal with physical immune monsters, you can use penetration combined with curses. Pay attention to maintaining attack speed while also considering survival ability, emphasizing both field control and output.


While this building is not the highest output, it is certainly safe to freeze lots of monsters. It is suitable for single players in the hell of difficulty clearance.




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