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How to use Amazon to grinding? Take you to clarify your thoughts on grinding




Guide of Amazon farm and grinding. Amazon is one of the most popular classes in D2 Resurrected, with excellent performance in both  ranged archer DPS and javelin throwing. To maximize the potential of your Amazon character, it is crucial to understand the best ways to distribute skill points and select appropriate D2R items that enhance your gameplay experience. Next, I will introduce how players can Invest skill points and what gears to equip.



Amazon Grinding Skill Points Investment

As a beginner grinding Amazon, it is recommended to adopt the following skill points investment scheme:

Level 1-8: Add points to all Magic Arrows. Magic Arrow was Amazon's primary output skill in the early days, which cannot be consumed and saves a lot of magic points.

Level 9: Gain a new skill called Multishot, which adds 1 point.

Level 10-11: Continue to add Magic Arrows up to 13 points, which is the core point of Magic Arrows.

Level 12: Add 2 points to Exploding Arrow as an auxiliary skill for Magic Arrows.

Level 13-18: Increase Multiple Shot all the way up to around 14 points. Multiple Shot is considered the primary output skill.

After level 18: Add other skills such as Fire Arrow, Ice Arrow, etc. according to your preferences. If you prefer long-range combat, you can choose between Archery and Freezing Arrows.



    At the same time, it is also necessary to add some points to passive skills, such as achieving "Penetrate" passive skills around level 45. Overall, during Amazon's grinding period, concentrating on adding points to Magic Arrows and Multiple Shot were the most efficient options.


Amazon recommends using the following gears during the grinding process

Bow: Amazon specializes in using bows and arrows for ranged output, possessing physical damage, magical damage, and control skills. Suitable for PVP and grinding. Recommend using Long Bow, Precision Frame Bows, etc. that can provide high attack power and speed.


Javelin and Spear Skills: Powerful Lightning Strike and javelin are Amazon's main means of output, and javelins can effectively group and individual output. Recommend using javelin weapons with high damage, such as Arioc's Needle.


Arrows: Remember to carry a large number of arrows with you, as many of Amazon's main skills require the consumption of arrows.



Armor Gears

It is recommended to use boots that can provide faster movement speed, such as the Silkweave, to improve Amazon's mobility.

Armor search for lightweight armor that can provide ranged attack bonuses and hit rates, such as the Light Plate. Choose amulets that provide skill bonuses, life, and endurance, such as the Nokozan Relic Amulet.


Other Gears

As an output profession, Amazon can choose to provide 40% or more resistance shields, such as the Tower Shield.

If the mana is insufficient, characters must drink potions i.e., Potions of Mana or Potions of Rejuvenation to regain their Mana.


In summary, in the D2 Resurrected, Amazon's most crucial task is to find gears that can increase ranged damage output, hit rate, and movement speed, and to prepare enough consumables to unleash their main skills.




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