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Elden Ring: A Detailed Guide On How To Fight with the Tree Sentinel




This passgae is talking about how to fight with the Tree Sentinel effectively. And if you're interested in this, take a look about this passage.


Who is the Tree Sentinel?

The Tree Sentinel is a terrifying tree monster in the world of Elden Ring. It has a strong warhorse and holds a huge axe. This heavily armored knight ride large steeds and carry powerful halberds. Although players are likely to encounter one in their first steps out into the Lands Between, it's wise to leave it be at first and return stronger and more experienced. They are optional bosses, as players don't need to defeat them in order to advance in Elden Ring.



What is the danger of Tree Sentinel?

The Tree Sentinel is one of the more powerful bosses in the early stages of the Elden Ring, which puts great pressure on novice players and is therefore jokingly referred to as the Newbie Deterrent. It has a tall stature, a wide attack range, sharp moves, and can cause heavy damage to players. The main dangerous attacks include: Side Swing, Stab, Horse Bash, Rearing Slam, Rearing Swing, Hoof Attack, Charging Attack, etc.


How to quickly defeat the Tree Sentinel?

The Tree Sentinel is a powerful boss enemy that requires mastering some skills to effectively deal with it. Firstly, we need to choose a suitable terrain and guide the large Tree Sentinels to an open area to avoid getting stuck by the terrain. In open areas, it is convenient to avoid and counterattack, but it is difficult to operate in too narrow areas, so we try to guide the big Tree Sentinels to favorable terrain for further combat.


Secondly, closely monitor the attack actions of the Tree Sentinels and attack them before they take action. The Big Tree Sentinel has various attack actions, such as Leap Attack, Twirling Swing, , Torch Swing, Torch Slam, Torch Stab, Shield Bash, Shield Crush, etc. Please pay attention to its attack preparation actions, dodge when it is about to launch an attack, and then take advantage of the situation to counterattack.



Timing of the first stage attack

Remote Charge Move: When the Sentinel starts a remote charge, roll back in the direction of their charge. After rolling, the Sentinel will make a back shake motion, approaching his buttocks position and making 2-3 additional hits.


Jump and Chop move: When the Sentinel is ready to jump and chop, pay attention to their attack range and gap period. Immediately after he lands, roll to his close position and make 2-3 hits.


General Attack: Utilize the Sentinel's general attack gap, roll and dodge appropriately, and make up for damage.


Key points of the second stage

When the health drops to half, the Sentinels enter the second stage. At this point, his weapon will infuse flame damage, making the attack even more intense.


Leap Attack: The Sentinel will jumps towards you while swinging its halberd clockwise. Usually uses this when you're a medium distance away. Roll in the direction it's moving to minimize the chance the halberd will hit you and position yourself to attack after it lands.


Twirling Swing: The Sentinel will turns around, rears up, then does a far-reaching counterclockwise swing. Often used after a combo when the player is retreating. Be careful when you retreat and keep enough stamina to roll when it does the final swing.


Crazy Chopping: The Sentinel will fall into a frenzy state, sweeping and chopping in the direction of players.



During the battle, it is important to maintain a certain distance from the Tree Sentinels, neither too close to be attacked nor too far away to be unable to attack. The key to defeating it is to move, attack, and roll and dodge at an appropriate distance. Pay attention to the weak points of the horse body and head of the Tree Sentinel, and attacking these parts can cause more damage. When identifying opportunities, focusing on these areas can defeat the Boss faster.


The battle against the Tree Sentinel often lasts for a long time, so it is important to supplement endurance and treat potions, and manage one's own endurance well. Retreat in a timely manner before exhaustion, replenish your stamina before continuing the battle to ensure long-lasting combat. If there are NPCs or summoning beast assistants available, it is also a very useful tactic.


In summary, although the Great Tree Sentinel is strong, as long as you master the above skills and cooperate with flexible tactics, I believe you can successfully overcome the challenge of the Great Tree Sentinel. Good luck to you!




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