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Last Epoch: How To Quickly Clear Three Classic Dungeons? - Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion & Temporal Sanctum




The Last Epoch has three Dungeons: Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion, and Temporal Sanctum. Each Dungeon has its own location, key, and the Boss. And Each Dungeon has unique mechanics and challenging boss battles that require players to master proficiently in order to complete.



Lightless Arbor

First of all, to enter the Lightless Arbor Dungeon, you need to obtain the Lightless Arbor Key. This key can be randomly dropped from enemies in the game, or collected from targets in the timeline boss or champion arena.


Once you have obtained the key, you can proceed to the surface entrance in the Ruined Era, heading north to the Shrouded Ridge, which is the entrance to the Lightless Arbor Dungeon. By using the key to open the door, you can embark on an adventure in the dark forest.


After entering the Dungeon, you will gain a special ability called Burning Amber, which can illuminate your vision in the darkness. Remember to use this type of light source, it can not only increase your damage output, but also weaken the enemy's strength. Mastering the mechanics of light and darkness is crucial for achieving victory in this Dungeon.



The boss of Lightless Arbor Dungeon is known as The Mountain Beneath and is a difficult battle with two stages, the second stage summoning Flame Bombs and Poison Clouds. Here are some tips and strategies to overcome it:


Stage 1: During the first phase of the fight, the Mountain Beneath is immune to all damage. The only way to defeat it is to ignite the two Kindling piles on either end of the arena. Use your attacks to break through the Root Walls blocking the Kindling, then stand near the Kindling or send your Burning Amber to it.


The Mountain Beneath will attack you with giant slams indicated by large green circles on the ground. These cover almost the entire arena but do not reach the Kindling, making the Kindling areas relatively safe to stand. Smaller enemies will also drop from the sky, dealing damage when they land before attacking. These enemies are more likely to force you away from the Kindling with their area attacks. Try to balance leaving the Burning Amber on the Kindling versus keeping it near enemies to reduce their damage.



Once you ignite both piles of Kindling, the Mountain Beneath will stumble forward and open its mouth. Enter it to start phase two.


Stage 2: Inside the Mountain Beneath, you will find the Stone Titan's Heart. Phase Two is simple; destroy the Stone Titan's Heart. More small enemies will spawn while the Heart uses powerful attacks that cover large swaths of the arena. Dodge these attacks using the green area indicators on the ground.


Soulfire Bastion

Enter the Soulfire Bastion: Soulfire Bastion Dungeon located in the Felled Wood area during the Imperial Era. Starting from the Risen Lake signpost, head west first, then turn east at the intersection to find the entrance to Felled Wood. After entering, continue northeast and cross a bridge to reach the entrance of Soulfire Bastion Dungeon.


Dungeon mechanics: Soulfire Bastion revolves around two types of damage: flames and undead, and players need to switch immunity between the two to resist damage in the Dungeon. Players need to collect "souls" dropped by enemies, which can be used to exchange for protection or rare items.



Defeating Boss Fire Lich Cremorus will use two types of damage, fire and necrotic damage. during battles. Players need to switch the corresponding immunity based on the type of damage they use, while also paying attention to avoiding flames and skull projectiles on the ground. The key is to recognize the type of damage and switch immunity in a timely manner.


Redeem rewards from Soul Gamblers: After passing through the Dungeon, players can bring the collected souls to Soul Gambler located at the exit, and trade rare items with him using the collected souls. The quality and quantity of exchanged items depend on the number of souls you bring to them.


Temporal Sanctum

Temporal Sanctum is one of the most difficult Dungeons in Last Epoch, with a unique time travel mechanics that allows you to switch between different eras. To enter the Eternity Cache, you must defeat the powerful Chronomancer Julra. As a reward, you can craft legendary items!


Entry method: To enter the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon, you first need to find the huge stone gate entrance in the Shining Cove area. After entering, use the Time Crack to teleport to the Ruined Coast area, and then continue south to find the entrance to Temporal Sanctum. A Temporal Sanctum key is required to open the entrance.


Dungeon mechanics: Temporal Sanctum has a unique mechanics for time travel. Players can switch between Divine Era and Ruined Era, as the enemies and obstacles in both eras are different. Reasonably utilizing the Temporal Shift skill to switch between two eras can avoid obstacles and quickly pass through Dungeons.



Defeat Boss: Finally, the player needs to defeat the powerful Boss Julra, who is the ultimate guardian of the entire Dungeon. Julra possesses powerful skills such as Time Healing and Time Splitting, and requires patience to learn its attack patterns and avoid damage in order to win.


Reward acquisition: After completing Temporal Sanctum, players can go to Eternity Cache to cast legendary equipment! To create a legendary item you will need a unique item with at least one Legendary Potential and an exalted item with at least four affixes. This is undoubtedly a major highlight of Last Epoch.


Overall, mastering the mechanics, Boss modes, and gain strategies of various Dungeons is the key to completing the level. It is also important to develop a reasonable gears configuration and skill tree, and maintain sufficient health and damage output. This requires a lot of experimentation and practice, but the process is interesting and the final reward is very worthwhile.


That's all for Last Epoch Dungeon guide. I hope its useful for you. Good luck!




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