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Diablo 4: Best Gems Guide for Barbarian




    In Diablo 4, as a melee profession, the barbarian requires a combination of different builds and gameplay for Gem combinations. Here are some common Gems pairing suggestions:


Normal Combat Tactics

Weapon: Embed Emerald can greatly increase damage. Ruby is also a good choice as it can increase attack power.



Armor: Sapphire can increase armor penetration, making it very suitable for melee professions like Barbarians.


Jewelry: Embed Ruby increases health and attack power, ensuring that Barbarians have sufficient survival ability and output.


Bloody Combat Tactics

Weapon: Embed with Amethyst Gems to increase sustained damage.


Jewelry: Ruby increases survival ability, Topaz increases critical damage, further enhancing bleeding effect.  



Whale Players

    If you are a Big spender player, you should choose the highest level legendary Gems, such as Blood Soaked Jade, which can greatly improve combat effectiveness.


    For Diablo 4 barbarian players who do not spend money, the best Gems pairing plan is as follows:


Mobility: It is recommended to use the legendary gem Boon of the Hoarder to increase movement speed and dash distance, enhancing maneuverability.


Damage output: Gem Blood Soaked Jade significantly increase physical and regional damage, making them the main source of output for barbarians. In addition, the Ring of Whirlwind can increase the damage and range of Whirlwind Slash.


Survivability: Enhance shield absorption with the gem Lava Shield. The gem Indomitable Frenzy provides continuous life recovery effects.



Buff Support: The Gem Source of Energy provides free rage for Barbarian skills. Boyarsky's Chip increases damage penetration on targets.


    These are some suggested Gems combinations for your consideration, which can be adjusted according to personal preferences. After all, without spending real money, Gems resources are limited, so it's important to weigh the pros and cons and choose the most suitable ones.


    Overall, Gems combinations need to match the construction and gameplay of the barbarians, while also considering the level of gold earned. Choosing the right gemstones can greatly enhance the performance of barbarians.




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