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D2R - How to defeat Barbarian Ancestors with a pure cold sorceress in Nightmare difficulty?




As a pure cold sorceress, defeating the three barbarian ancestors in Nightmare difficulty is a great challenge. Since at least one of them has a certain degree of immunity to cold damage, your main damage skill, Blizzard, will not be able to deal damage to them, so pure cold sorceress will be put in a passive position in this level. However, there are still some strategies that can help you quickly defeat them. Now let me share the strategy with you and show you how to really make the most of it.



Overview of the Three Ancestors Group

The group of three ancestors is located in the fifth act at the center of Mt. Arreat summit, including:

Korlic                 Leap Attack                   cold resistance 0


Talic                   Whirlwind                       cold resistance 0


Madawc       Shout, Throws Axes           cold resistance 70

They possess strong collective freezing and meteorite abilities and require high vigilance.


The ancestors of pure cold sorceress in Nightmare difficulty can adopt the following strategies:


Combat Strategy

In combat, try to maintain a distance from the enemy and use long-range cold spells to attack. Avoid being surrounded by enemies to avoid close combat attacks. When facing powerful enemies, you can use Frozen Orb and Blizzard to control them, and then use Glacial Spike and Blizzard to output.


Skill Reallocation

Pure cold sorceress mainly rely on ice based skills for output, so it is important to ensure that sufficient skill points are invested. Suggest elevating skills such as Ice Shards, Blizzard, Glacial Spike, and Blizzard to the highest level to increase cold damage. If you have extra skill points, you can temporarily add them to lightning or fire related skills, such as Chain Lightning, Flame Tongue, etc. Even if the damage is lower, you can still deal immune monsters. After finishing the game, focus on the cold series again.



Equipment Selection

Choosing the right gear package is crucial for pure cold sorceress. Placing equipment around to reduce enemy freeze resistance (such as Nightmare Power) can reduce the monster's resistance to freeze effects. Meanwhile, search for gears that can increase freeze damage. For example, weapons like "Source of Ice" can greatly enhance the effectiveness of blizzards.


Use equipment elements to deal damage. Equip some gears that can cause damage from other elements (such as potions), which will not be immune.


Magic Resistance

In Nightmare difficulty, the enemy's magical attacks will become more powerful. Therefore, improving magic resistance is very important. Magic resistance can be increased through gears, potions, or mercenaries.


The Help of Mercenaries

Mercenaries can provide additional support during battles, allowing them to attract monster attention. You are responsible for long-range output. Hire a high-level flame type assist to provide additional output, and flame attacks will be very effective for ancestors who are immune to freezing.Let him deal with ice immune monsters while you focus on the other two ancestors.


Medications and Scrolls

Before battle, prepare enough potions to restore health and mana, as well as scrolls to increase cold damage and magic resistance. In combat, use these potions and scrolls reasonably to maintain combat effectiveness. If you don't have enough d2r items, you'd better to buy them from NPC to ensure the smooth progress of the battle.



Town Portal

Set a town portal nearby so you can quickly retreat if the battle turns against you and recuperate without losing progress.


Before entering battle, setting a town portal nearby so you can quickly retreat if the battle turns against you and recuperate without losing progress. If the situation is too difficult, its better to go back to the city and reset the difficulty level to fight. Under normal difficulty, ancestors do not have elemental immunity and can use pure cold skills to pass levels. Then start the nightmare again. 


Overall, although pure cold sorceress may encounter obstacles in this level, they can safely pass through with reasonable strategy and gears combination. Wishing you a pleasant game!




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