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Last Epoch:Best Glacier Runemaster Guide




Glacier Runemaster is a specialization line of the Sorcerer profession in the Last Epoch, mainly outputting cold skills and possessing strong sustained damage ability. It focuses on casting cold spells such as Glacier and Frost Claw, dealing sustained damage and slowing enemies.



This build wants Sorcerer to group up enemy packs before blasting them up with Glacier's giant explosions. Make sure you are familiar with enemy mechanics to know when to use your Support Skills to stay alive. Pay attention to the telegraphed attacks of your enemies and stay out of their range.



Runemaster Skills

Runic Invocation: fully upgrade Unbridled Ruin, Devastating Starfall, and Word of Rahyeh. Youll need at least one point in Rune Slinger, and Inscribed Patterns, two points in Attuned Approach, and three in Runic Energy. Additional highly recommended passives are Copied Scrolls, Transcriber of Power, and Word of Lagon (provided youre using a lightning spell).


Rune Bolt: fully upgrade Arcane Restoration, Runeweave, and Cosmic Tapestry. Its best to convert the damage output to one element; for this Runemaster build, use Blazing Flare and Searing Dart (fire). Other recommended upgrades are Dissolve and Conquer and Arcane Overcharge.


Flame Rush: fully upgrade Blazing Flux, Runic Eclipse, and Lunar Protection. Recommended upgrades are Celestial Guidance for extra protection and Solar Rush and Blazeborn for extra reach and damage.



Static Orb: fully upgrade Shocking Conduit, Forking Surge, and Static Armor to shield you, shock enemies, and deal better lightning damage.


Flame Ward: fully upgrade Dilation, Energize, Prismatic Buffer and barrier for maximum defence. The Astonish upgrade comes highly recommended as youll trigger Flame Ward upon getting stunned.


Creating a proper Runemaster build is easiest if you focus on just one or two elemental damage types, and upgrade them with passive skill points as much as possible. This Runemaster build mainly uses fire damage dealt by a converted Rune Bolt and Flame Rush attack. Static Orbs and Flame Wards main purpose is to add defensiveness.


Runemaster Passive

Mage passives: upgrade the Arcanist passive to unlock new parts of the skill tree. Only use Elementalist if you plan on using different elements. If you only use one or two, fully upgrade the ones that apply: Arcane Current, Mage Flurry, or Arcane Flames. Knowledge of Destruction is a great option to build critical strike chance.



Sorcerer passives: upgrade Calculated Destruction with at least five points for a critical strike bonus. Consider fully upgrading Arcane Momentum for much faster casting speed.


Runemaster passives: upgrade Unsealed mana and Arcane Focus for intelligence, mana, and casting speed. Ancient Inscription and Celestial Doom can be upgraded for the same reasons. As you'll always gain Rah Runes, upgrade Decree of the Burning Wind to deal extra damage to bosses. Upgrade Sphere of Protection if you need more defensiveness.


The most important thing is to decide on your elemental types and upgrade the Sorcerer passives accordingly. As this Runemaster build deals a lot of fire damage, upgrading Arcane Flames is a must.  



Skills and Equipment Matching

    The main output skill of Glacier Runemaster is Glacier plus Arcane Boost. In addition, Ice Barrier and Blizzard can provide additional deceleration and field control effects. Generally speaking, wear equipment with dual penetration and increase output by increasing ice damage and skill damage. Other equipment seeks to increase attributes such as damage output, health, and energy shields.



Core blessings

Oscillation: Increases glacier damage and increases opportunities for freezing.

Fervor: Increasing the skill effect area is very helpful for the coverage area of glaciers.

Smite: Increases critical damage and is useful for glacier critical flow.



Auxiliary blessings

Endurance: Increasing defense capability and improves survival.

Rejuvenation: enhances life and energy recovery, improves resource management.

Piety: Increase the maximum number of blessings received, allowing multiple blessings to take effect simultaneously.


    Overall, the Glacier Runemaster requires players to skillfully mix and match skills and equipment. Through a sensible build and strategy, players can experience thrilling and satisfying combat fun within the game's world. Whether fighting solo or battling shoulder to shoulder with teammates, this class can demonstrate its unique allure and formidable combat prowess. As players delve deeper into the game, they will discover additional techniques and strategies, ensuring that each playthrough is filled with a sense of freshness and challenge.




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