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Path of Exile's Beloved Build: The Righteous Fire Inquisitor




In the ever-evolving world of Path of Exile, players are always on the lookout for the next best thing to give them an edge in the game. One such build that has consistently remained at the top of the ranks is the Righteous Fire Inquisitor. This build not only offers a unique and enjoyable gameplay experience but also scales incredibly well as you invest more poe currency into it. And the best part? You don't need expensive gear to get started.


This guide delves into the complexities of the Righteous Fire Inquisitor build within the Necropolis expansion. It highlights the balance between power and challenge, underscoring the build's versatility and the tactical awareness needed to optimize its strengths and mitigate its weaknesses in PoE.


righteous fire inquisitor build guide


Build Main Mechanics and Playstyle

The Righteous Fire Inquisitor build's playstyle in PoE's Necropolis expansion is straightforward yet requires strategic execution. At the start of a map, engage Righteous Fire and manage your flasks effectively while your enemies are consumed by the surrounding inferno. Mobility is crucial, achieved through the strategic use of Frostblink or Shield Charge to maintain the Consecrated Ground regeneration from the Inquisitor's Ascendancy Pious Path.


Proper positioning is essential during boss encounters, keeping the boss on the edge of your Righteous Fire AoE for optimal evasive maneuvers and integrating Fire Trap attacks for efficient boss takedowns. Adaptability is key, especially in encounters like the Guardian Of The Hydra, where close combat and timely use of Frostblink are vital.


When facing larger monster packs, activate Infernal Cry to enhance your destructive capabilities.


Core Mechanics

Righteous Fire Depend on converting your own health value into flame damage. Thus, life and flame damage are the two main pillars of this construction. You need to have high health and high flame damage bonus to achieve sustainable damage output.


Understanding Righteous Fire

Righteous Fire is a spell skill gem that deals consistent damage over time to you and nearby enemies while active. It's important to note that while it carries the "spell" tag, this only refers to the additional spell damage modifier it provides. With the skill active, players must ensure they have adequate fire resistance and life/energy shield recovery to avoid losing life per second.



Damage Over Time Mastery: Reduces the RF Degen with Less Damage Taken from Damage over Time’’.


Reservation Mastery: Enhances aura effects by 10% and increases damage by 8% for each aura or herald skill affecting you.


Fire Mastery: Grants 1 Life per second regeneration for each 1% Uncapped Fire Resistance.


Life Mastery: Adds +50 to Maximum Life, equivalent to an additional life roll on a ring, further amplified by any skill tree or gear life increases.


Armour Mastery: Provides 1% to all Maximum Resistances if all equipped items are armour.


Recovery Mastery: Offers 50 Life per second regeneration, with a potential switch to a debuff on nearby enemies reducing their Life Regeneration Rate by 50%.


Resistance and Ailment Protection Mastery: Offers complete immunity to Corrupted Blood for a single Passive Skill point.


Elemental Mastery: Applies -18% Minimum Exposure.


Armour & Energy Shield Mastery: Allocates a portion of armour and physical damage taken as chaos damage.


Mana Mastery: Increases Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills by 12%.


Shield Mastery: Enhances block chance based on the shield's block rate.


Gear Selection

Securing the right gear is pivotal for maximizing the potential of your Righteous Fire Inquisitor build. Below is a summary detailing optimal gear choices:




Head: Armour helmet with Elder influence, ilvl 82, Essence of Horror mod, supported by lvl 16/18/20 Burning Damage or Concentrated Effect. Plus level to AoE gems craft for Fire Trap.


Amulet: Life amulet with Damage Over Time Multiplier, resistances, +1 to level of all fire/spell gems. Base of Jade Amulet or Marble Amulet.


Chest: Hybrid Armour ES base, high armour and ES, resistances, Gravicius Mod (5% of Physical Damage taken as Fire & Lightning Damage), Essence of Loathing for mana reservation efficiency.


Gloves: High % Life Regen, Dex or Chaos res, +1 to socketed AoE gems, Eldritch influences Fire Exposure & Fire Multi.


Boots: Legacy of Fury for AoE explosions and Scorch, or high Movement speed, life regen/% Life regen & Chaos resistance boots with eater/exarch influence for scorched ground.


Belt: Immortal Flesh for FLAT Life regen, Armour, or elder crafted stygian with high life/life regen modifiers.


Rings: Life, Resists, craft minimum frenzy charges, Harvest Reforge chaos for Chaos resistance.


Weapon: Fire Damage Over Time Multiplier, Increase Fire Damage, + Fire Gems with Multi or High Increase, bench craft Fire Multi & Fire damage & Ignite chance.


Shield: High Armour/ES, +to maximum fire resistances, increased fire damage/level to all fire spell skill gems, Shaper recovery shield for high maps, Aegis Aurora for endgame.


Each piece of gear listed above has been strategically selected to synergize with the Righteous Fire Inquisitor build's mechanics, enhancing both its offensive and defensive capabilities. Ensuring your triumph in the challenging landscape of PoE's Necropolis expansion. 



League Starter - Though RF can seem daunting to League Start with, it is extremely doable and can be started around level 20.


Easy Playstyle - A lot of content can be done by simply activating Righteous Fire and moving through the zone while using a movement skill/stopping for a split second to maintain Consecrated Ground.


Extremely Tanky - Righteous Fire builds LOVE maximum fire resistance, and with the right setup you can push over 85% max resistances on this build along with over 6k EHP that is a combination of life and energy shield.



Weak Early for uber bosses - Our primary bossing ability will be Fire Trap, unfortunately, the average player will be around 2m - 2.5m Dps & the PoB goes up to 6M but its a bit unrealistic to go past 10M DPS without some crazy investment.


Map Modifiers can be annoying - Max Resistance, Less Recovery & No Regeneration are all pretty awful for this build. Later on, well also be skipping-Reduced Aura Effect & Less Block Chance.


Always face tanking - While the RF Area Of Effect is formidable, we will, for the most part, be in melee range, knowing when to back off a tiny bit and play patiently is important.


In conclusion, the Righteous Fire Inquisitor build offers an exhilarating gameplay experience in PoE's Necropolis expansion. With a direct playstyle, strategic positioning, emphasis on mobility, and adaptability, players can efficiently overcome challenges while staying alive. The key to success lies in astute gear selection and skill tree progressions, prioritizing enhancements that boost fire-based damage. By following thorough this guide, players can become experts in this build and conquer the challenging yet rewarding world of Necropolis.




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