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Elden Ring: Guide for How To Farm Grossmesser




    In Elden Ring, the Grossmesser is an excellent curved sword. It primarily receives attribute bonuses from strength and dexterity, making it suitable for a balanced build focusing on both attributes.


    In this guide, we spotlight the Grossmesser in Elden Ringa curved sword that excels in battle.  Discover how to wield it effectively within builds that equally emphasize power and agility. With the suitable build, the best farming location and tips, carve your way through adversaries in the Lands Between, utilizing its unique attribute synergy to achieve victory.



Features and Advantages of Grossmesser

    The Grossmesser possesses exceptional heavy attack performance, allowing for two consecutive spinning slashes. Its heavy attack action is also very swift and powerful, inflicting significant damage. Additionally, the Grossmesser can be enchanted to gain status effects such as freezing and bleeding, further enhancing its combat capabilities.


    The Grossmesser is the only curved sword that can perform a blade spin attack, bringing a unique rhythm to combat. Its damage output is quite impressive, making it suitable for use in the mid-to-late game. Moreover, it can be equipped with battle arts, such as ice-based abilities, adding diversity to your build.


Suitable Build

    For a build centered around the Grossmesser as the primary weapon, investing in both strength and dexterity is key. It is recommended to distribute points evenly between these two attributes. Players can also choose to assign additional points to other attributes like endurance or intelligence according to personal preference, allowing for the equipping of more supportive spells and gaining greater combat prowess.


    Utilizing the Berserk skill can further increase the damage output of the Grossmesser. Furthermore, dual-wielding large swords offers an interesting playstyle, fully utilizing its spinning attack capability. Players can select appropriate weapon skills or enchantments for the Grossmesser based on their fighting style.


Best Farming Location

    The best place to farm Grossmesser Sword is Tombsward Catacombs on Weeping Peninsula. You need a Stonesword Key to open the passage behind Sites of Grace.



    Next, you'll enter this room with two skeletons: the one closest to the room's entrance wields a Falchion, and the second one further into the room wields and can drop a Grossmesser.


    So all you have to do is simply rest at Sites of Grace, run into the unlocked room, and kill the evil skeleton wielding Grossmesser. But this won't necessarily drop Curved Sword immediately. If not, you need to run back to Sites of Grace and rest on it, then do it all over again until you get Grossmesser. It's that simple.


    I mean, aside from the super low drop rate of 2%, it's actually pretty easy. There is no better place to farm this weapon later in the game. This is also the quickest method I've found when looking for a double Grossmesser for a future build.


Farming Tips

    To improve your gaming experience and prevent the need for excessive grinding that consumes a lot of time, here are some effective strategies:


Leverage Holy Damage

    Skeletons in the game are particularly vulnerable to Holy damage. Utilizing this type of damage not only defeats these undead creatures efficiently but also prevents them from resurrecting. A powerful and readily available Ash of War, known as Sacred Blade, can be integrated into your weapons to significantly speed up the destruction of these evil skeletons. This Ash of War is obtained from Scarab, which can be found just north of the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave. It is compatible with all weapon types except Claws, Fists, Bows, and Crossbows.


Enhance Drop Rates with Special Items

    Elden Ring offers two items that boost the rate at which items are dropped, making it easier to acquire the desired Grossmesser. The first, Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot, is a consumable that increases the item discovery rate by 50 points for three minutes. The second, Silver Scarab, is a Talisman that provides a 75-point increase in item discovery rate and can be easily equipped or unequipped as needed. If you're stocked up on Elden Ring Runes and prefer not to craft them, you can buy Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot straight from the Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold. To maximize the boosted drop rate while the item is active for three minutes, players should aim to defeat as many foes as they can.



    Obtaining Silver Scarab requires a journey to Grand Lift of Rold in the Forbidden Lands and following the Hidden Path to the Haligtree, where it can be found in a chest near the Site of Grace that leads to the Consecrated Snowfields.


With these tips, you're set to improve your farming efficiency and enjoy a more fulfilling gaming experience. Good luck on your quest!




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