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Path of Exile (POE) Beginner's Guide and Campaign Walkthrough(Act9&10)





Act 9


1. Enter the town.


2. Optionally run trials; for professions that do not require significant enhancement or improvement, it can be left until later.


3. Exit the town from the top right corner, reach the Snowy Slope.


4. Through the Lifting Corridor, enter the Barren Land and activate a teleportation point.


5. Activate the Sand-Covered Chest next to it, kill the monsters to get the Storm Blade.


6. Run up to the Boulder Hills.


7. After deactivating all teleportation points in the Boulder Hills, first go to the adjacent Boiling Lake to kill the Petrified Duck for the Serpent's Acid, which will be used later to open doors.


8. Warp to the Boulder Hills, kill the bull for the Book of Fate, go left into the tunnel.


9. Walk forward in the tunnel, deactivate a teleportation point, then walk forward into the Quarry.


10. Run to the center of the map to deactivate a teleportation point; from the Quarry, run left to find the Sandstorm boss, kill it, then press Y or click on Sin to change the Lesser Pantheon to reduce shock damage, which can lower the damage of the Refinery boss later on.


11. Return to the Quarry and head upwards to enter the Refinery.


12. Defeat the Refinery Boss (this boss deals lightning damage, so make sure to replenish your lightning resistance); get the Trasca's Powder from the room next door, warp back to the Quarry.


13. Talk to Sin to enter the Giant Beast Swamp (make sure your lightning resistance is high enough, otherwise the golden spiders will make you suffer).


14. Keep running into the Nurturing Chamber.


15. Defeat 3 minor kings + the final boss.


16. Warp back to Chapter 10.




Act 10


1. Enter the top floor of the Church, enter the Spire of the Church to rescue Banon; return to the city and talk to Banon.


2. Enter the top floor of the Church, walk downwards into the Square Ruins.


3. From the Square Ruins, head to the upper left corner, cross the bridge to find the teleportation point in front of the Hidden Hall door; if you forget to activate it, you'll regret it, don't ask me how I know (there are profession ascension tasks in the Hidden Hall, choose whether to run them).


4. From the Square Ruins, head to the upper right corner, pass through the High Court turned into flames (not the Relic Sanctum).


5. Walk around the outer circle, enter the Desecration Between.


6. Walk a big circle, enter the Purity Sanctuary.


7. Defeat the boss Avarius, get the task item Pure Staff afterward, return to the city and talk to Banon, he will transform into the God of Purity.


8. Return to the Square Ruins, talk to the God of Purity in the map, then enter the "Burial Canal" at the bottom right corner of the teleportation point.


9. Pass through the Burial Canal (Note: monsters on the map with squares underneath their feet will deal continuous damage when close combat is best avoided; if necessary, use corpses to pile up damage, as resurrection is unlimited).


10. Talk to Sin to teleport to the Final Chapter Oria.


Final Act


Talk to Chirak, stroll around the Sect Laboratory, go to the cinema under the town to get the Vault Key, return to town to the Relic Hall, walk to the end to unlock the Hideout map device. (If other characters have unlocked the map device, new characters do not need to unlock it again).


Hope Path of Exile continues to improve and that more players will truly come to love this unique game.




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