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Path of Exile (POE) Beginner's Guide and Campaign Walkthrough(Act 4、5&6)






Act Four


1. Upon entering the town, head directly to the left to the dried-up lakeshore, kill Forl, open the crafting area, and return to town.


2. Open the seal to enter the Dark Mines.


3. Proceed to the second level of the Dark Mines; locate Dixurit's soul on the map, click on it, continue walking, and enter the Crystal Veins.


4. Enter the Crystal Veins and open a waypoint (the waypoint is quite deep).


5. There are two doors nearby; first, take the path through the Crystal Veins, pass through the Arena, and defeat the Dresu illusion boss.


6. Return to town, teleport to the Crystal Mines, fight the Golem illusion boss (pay attention to the small paths on the map if you get lost), and update your equipment or skills after defeating the boss.


7. Teleport to the Crystal Veins and enter the first layer of the Giant Beast Swamp.


8. Advance to the second level of the Swamp, defeat Pyti, and open a crafting area.


9. Enter the Chamber of Spirits, open a waypoint, defeat three bosses, open the door, fight Malachai in two stages, and descend to fight the second stage after completing the first.



Act Five


1. From the Ruler's Hall, enter the snowy mountains at the top right corner, cross the bridge, and run to the top right corner through a small path to activate the Oriath portal.


2. Enter the Slave Pits, defeat the Overseer boss, and use the ladder that descends to enter Chapter Five.


3. Enter the Control Area at the top left corner (you can displace past the fence gap), and approximately at the top right corner of the map, kill the Judge.


4. Continue upwards into the Oriath Square, open a waypoint, run inside, cross the bridge, and enter the Sanctum of the High Priests at the bottom right corner.


5. (Run around the outer rim) Enter the Temple of Purity (low-level players can grind for experience here), enter the boss room, kill the God of Purity, and exit through another door after the conversation with Sin.


6. Talk to Baron outside the door, enter the Fiery Highlands, run around the outer rim back to the ruins of the square.


7. Enter the ruins of the square, open a waypoint at the top left to enter the Ancient Stronghold and collect the Pure Seal (recommendation: those unfamiliar with the map should not be afraid of trouble and can run the entire map once).


8. Return to town, teleport to the ruins of the square, walk down from the waypoint, cross the bridge, and place a teleport scroll at the entrance of the church tower next to the square.


9. Don't use the door immediately as it is one-time use. Walk straight down to the bottom right corner of the map, enter the Relic Sanctum (underneath the hiding spot), step on the waypoint, collect items from three corners, and lastly take the one in the top right corner.


10. Return to the waypoint and go back to town! (Do not use ESC, or the door will disappear.) Talk to Lani to receive skill points, use the previously placed teleport scroll to directly enter the church tower, and fight Chitaf (be careful! This boss deals high damage).



Act Six


1. Talk to the NPC on the ship to arrive at Chapter Six, roughly equip defense and gear.


2. Complete the task of clearing all monsters on the Despair Beach map, return to town, and find Lillith Rose at the bottom right corner to buy all skill gems.


3. Enter Twilight Beach, open a waypoint, go to the right to the Tide Isles, and pick up Bist's manuscript.


4. Return to town and talk to Bist, then teleport to Twilight Beach.


5. Enter the Scorching Pools, follow the coastline to find the Elder Kalu, and pick up the Eye of Conquest.


6. Follow the mountainside into the Karui Fortress, enter Tukohama Fortress, defeat the boss, and open a crafting area.


7. Exit and enter the Silent Mountain Ridge, keep moving towards the top of the map.


8. Enter the lower level of the Prison of Conviction.


9. Follow the edge into Xura's Tower, kill the boss, exit the warden's room, and unlock a crafting area.


10. Exit the prison gates.


11. Walk along the road into the Western Jungle, follow the road to open a waypoint.


12. Continue following the road until you reach a river, cross it, and open a waypoint on the other side.


13. Walk to the end of the road, turn down into the Southern Jungle.


14. Cross the log bridge, enter the depths of the Grotto of Anger, and obtain the Black Flag.


15. Pass through the tunnel to enter the Isle Beacon, open a waypoint, keep going right, push pillars, light fires, go downstairs to find an NPC.


16. Talk to the NPC to enter the King of the Sea's beach (Note: The bubble monsters in this map will freeze; it is recommended to increase frost resistance or carry a frost potion). Fight the large crab boss (be careful when a white circle appears on its body, do not get close and take damage). After defeating, talk to the NPC to enter Chapter Seven.




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