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Path of Exile (POE) Beginner's Guide and Campaign Walkthrough(Chapter 1)





Unless the season's gameplay demands it, it is not recommended to engage in seasonal content when starting out. You can simply ignore it and focus on completing quests during the campaign.


Don't be afraid to die while playing this game, as Path of Exile is quite a hardcore game.


Veteran players have a good sense of the map, but for newcomers, it's normal to navigate slowly at first. Don't rush to complete the campaign in a few hours like many experts online; it's best to take it step by step.


Note: This process includes only the initial Ascendancy quests and the main quests. After completing the main quests, you can go back and finish any remaining side quests and labyrinths.




1. Change the left mouse button to movement, as the game rarely uses the standard attack button. Most combat involves using skills, and this also prevents your character from standing still and attacking monsters, which could lead to death.


2. For the Warlord class or melee skills, it's recommended to add a little attack speed talent for a better feel. New players might prefer ranged or off-hand skills.


3. Click on the skill icon, and "Attack without moving" should appear; it's recommended to check this box so your character doesn't move around when casting skills.


4. Press U to open the map and see your location, P to view your talent tree, I to inspect your equipment, and C to check your character's various attributes. If the name of an item on the ground suddenly disappears, you may have pressed Z.


5. In the Path of Exile Wiki, you can search for side talent quests by looking up the number of talent points required.


6. When your resistance is low early in the game, prepare a few rings with different resistances in your backpack to deal with bosses and certain map monsters that dish out various types of damage.


7. Long periods of repetitive clicking on the mouse and keyboard can cause fatigue. If you feel tired, take a break before continuing. Don't harm your body for the sake of the game; after all, this game isn't about real-time competition, so there's no issue with pausing and no risk of letting down teammates.


Act One


Choose your class, start on the beach, pick up skills, kill the first monster with two hits, ignore the small monsters on the path and follow the coastline forward. Open the chest to get the Support gem (otherwise, there will be an invisible wall blocking your way), then continue forward, defeat the large monster at the gate by circling around it, open the talent panel, add a point to enter the town.


1. Talk to the blacksmith to get the initial skill, open the sunset beach portal, go to the nearby Tidewater Isle and kill the monster that casts ice slow skills to get the medicine box, return to town to hand in the quest, and try on any equipment you've picked up.


2. Port to Sunset Beach, walk through the Scorching Salt Flats to collect three exclamation point items on the map (if you keep dying to charging birds, it's advisable to clear the surrounding birds first before collecting the quest items), and finally click on the wall to enter the Tidewater Crypt and open a portal.


3. Return to town to get the Mercury Flask that increases movement speed, port to Tidewater Crypt.


4. First, walk through the Silent Coast.


5. Continue straight ahead, enter the Cliffside Retreat and open a portal, ignore the leaping goat head boss and keep going forward.


6. Enter the Lower Prison of Souls and open a portal, run the same map's Ascendancy Labyrinth.


7. Enter the Upper Prison of Souls.


8. Enter the Warden's Chamber and fight the Warden (Attention! The Warden deals high damage! It's best not to fight the Warden up close with melee!).


9. Step on the prison gate portal point, return to town to hand in quests and receive skills, if there's equipment to change, do so briefly, then port back to the prison gate.


10. Enter the Phantom Shipyard, open a portal, first find the exclamation point on the captain's head near the portal, then go to the Phantom Shipyard Cave to get the Immortal Flame.


11. Quickly return to town and port to the Phantom Shipyard, give the Immortal Flame to the captain, then defeat the captain.


12. After defeating the captain, enter the Deepreach Cove on the same map and fight Morwen (Note: Before fighting Morwen, it's recommended to wear one or two rings with frost resistance to reduce boss damage, and upgrade your flask to a higher level; it's not recommended to use the starting flask to fight).


Unless the season's gameplay demands it, it is not recommended to engage in seasonal content when starting out. You can simply ignore it and focus on completing quests during the campaign.




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