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Path of Exile (POE) Beginner's Guide and Campaign Walkthrough(Act 7&8)





Act 7


1. Enter the Riverside Broken Bridge and follow the path to the Crisis Fork.


2. Turn down at the teleportation point intersection and enter the Fallen Relics.


3. Follow the road to the Silent Tomb, open the stone coffin, go downstairs to find Maregro's Map.


4. Warp back to the Crisis Fork in the city, head upwards to enter the Hall of Sins.


5. On the first floor of the Hall of Sins, step on the teleportation point, click the map device to insert the Maregro's Map you picked up earlier, defeat the boss. Before fighting the boss, remember to use a teleportation scroll to leave a portal; after defeating the boss, use the portal to return to the first floor of the Hall of Sins.


6. Talk to Kerx to get the Obsidian Key that opens the Beast's Lair, then enter the second floor of the Hall of Sins.


7. On the second floor of the Hall of Sins, click on the secret passage to enter the Beast's Lair.


8. From the Beast's Lair, enter the Ash Plains; upon entering, follow the road downwards to the Old Forest Camp to fight the boss.


9. Enter the Northern Thicket.


10. In the Northern Thicket, first go to the Soul-Shock Tree Hole to collect seven fireflies.


11. After collecting the fireflies, return to the Northern Thicket, head upwards to the Dike, keep going upwards to unlock crafting and activate a teleportation point.


12. Return to the city to claim rewards, organize equipment, and talk to NPCs to receive skill points.


13. Warp back to the Dike.


14. Above the teleportation point, enter the Ancient City of Val. Pick up the task item next to the gate (it can be exchanged for talent points with Town Weilem).


15. From the Ancient City of Val, enter the Falling Desires Hall and defeat the Spider Boss.




Act 8


1. Enter the town through the Wall of Wonders, walk through the Poisonous Pipeline, enter Drei's Sewer Pit to fight the boss (the valve can shut off the bubbling on the ground); exit and activate a teleportation point to obtain crafting.


2. Move right to enter the Docks [This is a side quest: first stick to the lower edge, cross the bridge to get the Cross; after getting it, continue sticking to the lower edge to the Place of Rebirth to fight Tolman (this map is quite large); exit and return to the Docks].


3. Enter the Gate of Rice Ears and activate a teleportation point.


4. Enter the Empire Plains, follow the road to deactivate the teleportation point, then follow the road to the left of the teleportation point straight into the Sunlit Shrine on the first floor.


5. Stick to the lower left to deactivate the teleportation point.


6. Enter the Sunlit Shrine on the second floor; defeat the boss, obtain crafting, and get the Sunlit Orb.


7. Warp back to the first floor of the Sunlit Shrine.


8. Stick to the bottom of the Sunlit Shrine and enter the Sunlit Plaza.


9. Stick to the bottom of the map, deactivate the teleportation point, and take a step downwards to enter the Harbor Bridge (if damage or survival is not enough, you can stop to grind monsters for leveling up; hold down Ctrl and click on the door to refresh the map. Note that the monsters in the Moonshadow Shrine will freeze characters, so it's best to have a vial of antifreeze potion to prevent sudden death).


10. Enter the Moonshadow Plaza, walk straight to the Moonshadow Shrine.


11. Enter the Moonshadow Shrine, defeat the boss, obtain the Moonshadow Orb.


12. Return to the Harbor Bridge, enter the Celestial Shrine located in the middle of the map, click on the Goddess statue to install the Moonshadow Orb and Sunlit Orb to summon and defeat the Sun and Moon Goddess boss.




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