​MMOSO POE - Do you think Path of Exile needs a Diablo 3 style adventure mode?

Fans who say leveling in Path of Exile feels tedious and repetitive are calling on the fantasy game's developer Grinding Gear Games to spice up the journey to the endgame map. During their quest for the soul, a particular solution seemed to pop up - Diablo 3 Adventure Mode, an alternative campaign option in Blizzard's RPG that allows players to level up quickly without following the basic story progress.

Following the recent trend of dissatisfaction with the game, some longtime fans have expressed concern about how its mechanical complexity can sometimes feel like a burden and a benefit. Players aren't bored with PoE itself, Reddit user, "It's probably the only ARPG with complex character builds that I've been happy with. On the other hand, the exact same complexity frustrates me. Everything is so bloated, if not With a big investment, you won’t be able to try new things easily.”

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They discuss the fact that swapping skills, while ostensibly as simple as swapping out your socket gems, actually often require completely changing your build, buying entirely new gear, or just rerolling your character from scratch. Many players echoed the sentiment in response to his post, with one particular point raised highlighting the tedium of bringing another character to the endgame by completing the campaign again. RockBottomCreature commented that "it takes the average player 8 hours" to get on stage to draw an endgame map, and that they "want to do it once per league and never again".

In response, some players brought up one of Diablo 3's best features - Adventure Mode. Adventure Mode was recently made available to all players at the start of the Diablo 3 Season 27 game, but previously only required completing a campaign on your account to permanently unlock it. It allows players to avoid the campaign entirely and instead lets players level up through bounties that are randomly generated in the Diablo 3 world. It's a very interesting alternative that alleviates the mundaneness of completing a full quest progression on multiple characters each new season.

Players have been begging and begging for years to make leveling less tedious. GGG just refuses to own it, even though it is 100% doable. You don't mind making a new character if you can simply upgrade them to the map in a reasonable amount of time. Adventure Mode certainly isn't the only option, reviews suggest alternative possibilities like infinite exploration or endless ledges, but it's certainly a good one.

Personally, as someone who didn't play the game as much as I wanted, having to wade through the story content was definitely a deterrent to returning each season. The first few times I enjoyed the main progression, but now it feels too much like I'm playing the same game countless times, and the new mechanics added each season aren't always enough to ease the feeling and push me through. The choice of adventure mode definitely makes me more inclined to dive in.

Fans are hoping next season will address their grievances with the PoE Lake of Kalandra update and Path of Exile's Archnemesis system. Players have also recently expressed their annoyance at the all-or-nothing fluctuations caused by the Archnemesis system and the resulting "loot goblins" that have highlighted issues with the Path of Exile magic lookup system. If you're looking for something else to try, check out the best games like Diablo on PC for more options to satisfy that loot craving.

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