​Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Highest Ranking In D2R Ladder Season One Has Been Born

Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder season one has been released for nearly two weeks since April 28, 2022. During this period, players from all over the world are doing their best to climb to the top of the ladder ranking for a lot of rewards and fame. In order to achieve this goal, many players are fighting in the game without sleep or sleep, including Teo1904, a German player. Just a few days ago, Teo1904's efforts finally paid off, he became the first player to reach the highest level in the first season of Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder.

D2R Ladder Season

Player Teo1904 recorded the moment when he reached level 99 by streaming on Twitch, which is undoubtedly an exciting moment. From the Twitter overlay of Teo1904, we can see that it took him a total of 138 hours to upgrade from level 1 to level 99 of the ladder, and just from level 98 to level 99, he played for more than 28 hours, which makes people admire his willpower. As a player in the Expansion mode, the competition is very fierce, for this impressive achievement, Teo only sleeps about five hours a day and spends the rest of his time on the ladder. This is amazing!

It is worth adding that Teo1904 didn't reach the milestone by himself, his friends also participated in the whole project. They made it easier for him to upgrade by suggesting and trying various strategies. Also, one of the touching details comes from the name of Teo1904's character, the "Unsullied" in "Teo_Unsuillied" is to commemorate his deceased friend Unsullied13, who is the very famous Diablo-Speedrunner.

Happily, Teo1904's rise has been officially recognized, and he and his team have been praised for their understanding of the season's tasks. It feels incredible that Teo's top ladder class is not the common Sorceress or Paladin, but Amazon. It can be said that he and his team have created new gameplay that can realize achieve upgrades by comprehensively optimizing the experience rate of specific characters.

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