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Elden Ring's Starting Guides & Tips | HP, FP & Elden Ring Runes


Learn about the meaning of stats in Elden Ring to fight and progress towards your goals in Elden Ring. Here is a detailed introduction to what they represent.

Elden Ring takes the traditional role-playing mode to a higher level of adventure. Entering the world of Elden Ring, we only have constant battles, kill every enemy you see and get level rewards. Use loot to increase your health, stamina, and mana pools, as well as equip heavier armor and weapons. Before entering the battle, you need to understand your core stats, character attributes, and the meaning of Elden Ring Runes in detail.

Player's HP, FP, Stamina and other attribute values

Core data - Elden Ring

The core data is to determine the adventurer's health status, movement flexibility, and skill range in the game. Every step of the way, you need to understand your health stats and plan battles based on core stats.

1. HP is your effective health pool. If this value drops to zero, you will die and drop all current runes (the currency of the Elden Ring) at your corpse's location.

2. FP is your mana bar, allowing you to use Ashes of War, cast spells, and summon souls.

3. Stamina allows you to roll, attack, and block damage with your shield. Stamina replenishes over time, while FP and HP do not.

4. Equip Load is how much you can currently equip on your character while remaining nimble. Reaching an Equip Load at 70 percent or lower allows you to quickly roll. Over 70 percent will cause you to 'fat roll,' making it harder to avoid attacks. Should you reach over 100 percent, you won't be able to roll at all.

5. Discovery is magic find stat, determining how likely enemies will drop items when they die.

6. Memory Slots determine how many spell slots your character has. Unlike past Soulsborne titles, your spell slot limit is no longer tied to an attribute. You'll find Memory Stones throughout your journey that will increase this stat.

Character Attributes - Elden Ring

Each attribute has physical and protective guardian skills. With the right use, you can even escape boss fights.

Vigor: Increases HP, Increases Fire and Poison Resistance, Increases Immunity.

Mind: Increases FP, Increases Focus Resistance.

Endurance: Increases Stamina, Increases Physical Defense, Increases Robustness.

Strength: Increases Equip Load, Increases Physical Damage.

Dexterity: Increases Physical Damage, Shortens Casting Time, Softens Fall Damage.

Intelligence: Provides access to more Sorceries, Increases Magic Damage, Increases Magic Defense.

Faith: Provides access to more Incantations, Increases Magic Damage.

Arcane: Increases item Discovery, Increases Death Resistance, and Allows use of certain Sorceries and Incantations.

The use of Elden Ring Runes is not limited to core stats and character attributes. Buy Cheap Elden Ring Runes from MMOSO can unlock more powerful powers based on refreshing their attribute values. Both Elden Ring Runes and Elden Ring Items are large consumables. The stronger the enemy boss, the more runes and weapons you need.



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