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​MMOSO news: WoW Classic TBC Phase 5: Sunwell Plateau release date and content


Blizzard Entertainment has officially announced the release date for the WoW TBC classic raid Sunwell Plateau. That is Tuesday, May 10.

Players will have to wait a bit for the Sunwell Plateau, the main attraction of TBC's final phase, which will launch two days later on Thursday, May 12, 2022. Heroes of Azeroth will be able to launch on launch day at 1 pm EST Fight with Kael'thas and Kil'jaeden at 6 o'clock.

As part of Phase 5, Prince Kael'thas' attempt to bring Kil'jaeden to Azeroth will also bring a new faction where players can gain a reputation, the Shattered Sun Offensive, a new dungeon, Magisters' Terrace, and more.

WoW TBC classic raid Sunwell Plateau

What's New in WoW Classic TBC Phase 5

Phase 5 will be the last hurrah for World of Warcraft TBC before Wrath of the Lich King Classic releases later this year. It will bring a ton of new content, including the expansion's final raid.

Sunwell Plateau

Sunwell Plateau is a 25-player raid that includes Azeroth's heroes battling the resurrected Kael'thas as he summons Kil'jaeden, leader of the Burning Legion, to their homeland.

The team has six bosses, namely Kalecgoc, Brutallus, Felmyst, The Eredar Twins, M'uru, and lastly Kil'jaeden.

This raid is packed with some incredible new gear, including new slots for tier 6 boots, belts, and bracers. Plus, it brings a ton of powerful new weapons and trinkets that will be on everyone's inventory. No adjustments are required to enter the dungeon, and unlike the original, Sunwell Plateau has all the bosses from the start.

Isle of Quel'Danas

Before players can stop the Burning Legion from invading Azeroth, they must first establish a stronghold on the Isle of Quel'Danas, where the Sunwell Plateau is located.

Here, players will be able to team up with the Shattered Sun Offensive to launch attacks on Kael'thas and Kil'jaeden. Players can build their reputation in the Shattered Sun Offensive by completing daily quests and more. With the help of some reinforcements, this will be a server-wide effort, including career NPCs with new modes and recipes, item vendors, and new daily quests.

Magisters' Terrace

Also located on Quel'Danas Island is a new dungeon, Magisters' Terrace.

Magisters' Terrace is a five-player dungeon in TBC with four bosses, Selin Fireheart, Vexallus, Priestess, and a Kael'thas Suntrider, who returns after "defeat" at Storm Fortress.

This dungeon drops all epic loot, including the mount, the Swift White Hawkstrider, a companion, the Phoenix Hatchling, and a popular item that turns players into blood elves, the Orb of the Sin'Dorei. It contains normal and heroic modes similar to other Burning Crusade dungeons. Additionally, it will reward reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive.

Other new Phase 5 content

In addition to new dungeons, raids, and areas, Phase 5 of The Burning Crusade Classic is also coming to TBC Arena Season 4.

The new Arena season will begin after the May 10th weekly maintenance of the area. Here, players will be able to compete against other players for the unique Brutal Gladiator title as well as the Brutal Nether Drake mount.

Certain items in Season 4 will have personal rating requirements that you must meet before you can purchase them. all these are:

Brutal Gladiator Shoulders (requires 2000 personal rating)

Brutal Gladiator Weapons (require 1850 personal rating)

Guardian’s Boots (requires 1700 personal rating)

Guardian’s Rings (requires 1650 personal rating)

Guardian’s” Bracers (requires 1575 personal rating)

There is no level requirement to equip these items, just buy them. Additionally, items from previous seasons, such as items from the Revenge, Relentless, and other series, do not have any level requirements and can be purchased as long as the player has enough currency. If the player's WoW TBC Classic is not enough, in addition to grinding the gold yourself, you can Buy WoW TBC Classic Gold at MMOSO to prepare for the 5th stage. MMOSO's TBC Classic Gold is cheap on professional sites, and it's all hand-polished and very safe.



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