​What Is The Best Blizzard Sorceress Skill Builds In D2R Ladder Season?

Last week, the d2r ladder season one finally arrived. After a week of exploration, I believe that both new players and old players who have experienced the original ladder game have already understood the mechanism of this ladder game and the best character building in the initial stage. This guide will introduce the best build for blizzard sorceress.

D2R Blizzard Sorceress Build

Diablo 2 Blizzard Sorceress is very popular for many players, she is known for her high power and a big area of effect damage, so Sorceress can be said to be the first choice for most players when joining the ladder season. Whether it's from dueling to magic finding to Chaos runs, this sorceress can handle just about any area as long as she's equipped enough. Here are some of the best blizzard sorceress skill builds for d2r ladder season one:

1. 1 point to all prerequisites

2. 20 points to Blizzard — invest immediately and max out immediately, required.

3. Enough points in Cold Mastery to reach -150% Enemy Cold Resist.

4. 20 points to Glacial Spike — Max out after maxing Blizzard Blizzard and cold mastery is an appropriate level.

5. 20 points to Ice Blast — Max out after maxing Blizzard Blizzard and cold mastery is the appropriate level.

6. 20 points to Ice Bolt — Max out after maxing Blizzard Blizzard and cold mastery is an appropriate level.

7. 1 point to Frozen Armor — invest when starting to teleport, required.

8. 1 point to Teleport — invest immediately at level 18, required.

9. 1 point to Static Field — invested at level 6, let the addition of your plus skills increase its range, required.

If you enjoy caster builds, you should try to build Blizzard Sorceress. She not only has long-lasting spell effects, but is also cheap to build, perfect for AOE, and after the 2.4 Patch balancing adjustment, her health is more durable and is very useful for the ladder season.

The above is the skill construction of Blizzard Sorceress in the ladder season, I hope it can help you start the ladder game better. MMOSO will continue to update the latest ladder information for you and provide cheap d2r ladder items for sale, letting you can climb the ladder ranking faster. 


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