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​D2R Ladder Season One Stand Out Items - Windforce, Mancatcher, Stygian Pike Guide

The long-awaited Diablo 2: Resurrected first ladder season is finally online, and I believe everyone is ready to climb on the ladder ranking. In the previously released 2.4 Patch, Blizzard made changes to class balance, mercenaries, set items, and others. So in this ladder competition, players not only can unlock new Runewords but also improve items that already exist in the game. This guide will introduce you to some items that will stand out in Patch 2.4 and Ladder Season One.

D2R Ladder Season One Starts


In the past, Windforce was one of the bow Amazon's endgame weapons, with 20% increased attack speed, 250% enhanced damage, extra damage per level, mana steal, and knockback - an expensive weapon that all players want. With the introduction of Runewords, it lost its place at the top of the Faith, but it still can use its high damage.

If you enjoy using Windforce, you'll love the 2.4 patch changes. The item stats are the same, but buffs to Amazon's skills make it better than before. Strafe, Guided Arrow, and Multiple Shot add extra physical damage synergy, so Windforce is back in vogue for its high max damage. One of Windforce's weaknesses is its low attack rating, but this is more than compensated for by the buff on Strafe.

But you still need extra items to maximize its attack speed, like equipping your mercenaries with Faith. Not long since patch 2.4 online, people are still experimenting with different setups and skills. Still, many Amazons have been giving Windforce a positive review, so it will be very useful in the d2r ladder season.


In patch 2.4, you can create Infinity, Obedience, and Pride Runewords on spears, so there will be more base items to choose from. The base item that received the most attention after this patch was the Mancatcher.

Mancatcher has the fastest attack speed among elite spears and polearms. The Great Poleaxe’s base attack speed of 0, the Giant Thresher has -10, and the Mantcatcher has -20. Generally, the faster the attack speed, the lower the damage, so the Mancatcher might not be the best item, but, it can be useful in certain conditions and situations.

Many players will choose the Mancatcher as the base item for Infinity, which has a 40% chance of crushing blow. This is useful for many classes and their mercenaries, including Summon Necromancers who take longer to kill boss monsters.

Mancatcher's max sockets count is 5, so you can't get 4 sockets from Larzuk's quest. If you need one with 4 sockets, you'll need to pick up one yourself or use a cubing formula.

Stygian Pike

Stygian Pikes will also be heavily used. Like the Mancatcher, the Stygian Pike will be a popular Runeword base item. Its biggest advantage is that its maximum sockets count is four,  you can get a four-socket Stygian Pike through Larzuk and use it as a base item for Infinity. With the four-socket Stygian Pike, you can also make a Pride.

Stygian Pike's base damage is also good at 29-144. It does about the same average damage compared to another popular base item, the Great Poleaxe (46-127), the same goes for attack speed.

The item quality level is lower at 66, so it is easier to obtain, mainly through certain areas in Act 5 and the Nightmare Cow level. The Great Poleaxe is level 84, so picking up a normal Stygian Pike will be much easier.

The Ghost Spear also has the same average damage as the Stygian Pike or the Great Poleaxe but has a quality level in between the two items (level 83) and its max sockets count of 6. If you come across a four-socket Ethereal Ghost Spear, it will be very useful as an infinity base item, since it's about the same.

Have you used any of these three items in previous games? If not, you can try to ues them in this ladder season one. Powerful d2r ladder runewords can help you quickly climb ladder rankings, you can buy d2r ladder items at legit hand farm website MMOSO.




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