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​WoW WotLK Classic: Death Knight before release, different from before


April 19, 2022, there was finally official confirmation: WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic is coming! And already in 2022! With Northrend, death knights, inscription, achievements and the numerous dungeons and raid challenges. This time, the Blizzard developers should once again focus on an authentic gaming experience. Nevertheless, it is already clear that differences from the original from 2008 await us.

No dungeon finder for WotLK Classic!

Let's get straight to the biggest surprise of the WotLK Classic announcement: The automated group search, which celebrated its premiere with patch 3.3, will not be available in WotLK Classic. According to Blizzard, the dungeon finder just doesn't fit the spirit of the classic community that has built up over the past few years.

Many Classic fans just don't feel like "randoms" that suddenly leave the group without a word, according to Blizzard. Those who prefer that dungeon finder experience can find it in retail WoW. Instead, Classic fans value social connections and contacts, organizing, coordinating and exchanging ideas.

However, the manual group search implemented for TBC Classic is to be further improved, and the developers also want to provide assistance so that new players can find the right chat channels through which they can get in touch with other players for the group search.

WotLK Classic

Death Knights before WotLK release for everyone!

Already at the end of the WoW Classic era, there was the possibility of leveling up blood elves and Draenei early on or upgrading a shaman on the alliance side or a paladin on the Horde side, and then - if you were fast enough - Naxxramas unsafe do. Blizzard wants to offer us something similar in the transition phase from TBC Classic to WotLK Classic.

With the pre-patch, all WoW players can create a level 55 death knight and prepare it for the Northrend adventure (i.e. level 70) without any restrictions or requirements that need to be met (apart from an active WoW subscription). level up and get equipment from the Sunwell Plateau and Co.). Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that Blizzard will give us a little more time to level this time around than we did with the blood elves and Draenei.

Small but fine changes

Here are some more info nuggets that came to light during interviews and in the wake of the announcement:

WotLK Classic's barber will have more customization options than it did back then.

There will be no paid real-money service for character customization from back then, instead, we will pay the barber with gold. The only paid service for WotLK Classic is the already known character transfer to another server.

As with TBC Classic, there will again be an optional, paid character boost, this time bringing characters to level 70. This is primarily intended for players who have not played a Classic before, but still want to get started in Nordend as quickly as possible. Details on costs and availability will be available at a later date. One thing is clear: death knights cannot be upgraded and you can only bring one character to level 70 in this way per account.

The developers are considering changes to the Raid IDs and Raid Lockout systems so players don't feel forced to buy four versions of the same raid instance (25 Heroic, 25 Normal, 10 Heroic, and 10 Normal ) to play.

There is no date for the beta yet, but you can already register for the beta on the official WoW website. Players who want to continue to follow related news can check out the WoW series guide and news at MMOSO. The most important thing is that MMOSO has Cheap WoW TBC Classic Gold for sale, and many players will trade here, which is safe and reliable. When WoW WotLK Classic comes out, MMOSO will also have WoW WotLK Classic Gold, rest assured.



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