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​Everything About The Lost Ark May Update: Destined for Destruction


According to the latest news from Smilegate RPG, Lost Ark is getting a major update in May, called Destined for Destruction. Although the exact release date of this update has not been determined, more features that South Korean fans have long loved are finally coming to the global version of the game. This guide will introduce you to the specific contents of the may update, including the first Legion Raid, brand new Guardian Raid, Destroyer Advanced Class, as well as new quests and world activities, new Guild Activities, and much more.

Legion Raid – Valtan

The first Legion raid will feature Valtan and will arrive in both normal and hard modes. When players try to counter the unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanisms of Legion Commander, they will be tested for team coordination and mastery of execution. Valtan is an eight-player Legion Raid with two gates, the checkpoints that allow players to continue from where they left off in case they fail or leave early. It is recommended that players bring a character with item level 1415 before attempting the Normal Difficulty, and a character with item level 1445 in Hard Difficulty.

With the new challenge brings by the Legion raid, players will receive new rare gear Relics as activity rewards, Relic gear can be made of materials in the raid. These gear provide more influential armor and weapon bonuses, as well as greater stat bonuses and more engraving nodes on accessories.

Deskaluda Guardian Raid

In the Lost Ark May Update, a brand new Guardian Raid is coming - Deskaluda. Just like in the Valtan Legion Raid, players are advised to bring an item level 1415 character before challenging Deskaluda. Unlike Legion Raids, players can actually play Guardian Raids alone. This new Guardian Raid will also drop materials that can be used to craft Relic rare gear.

Destroyer Advanced Class

Warriors have always been a popular class in Lost Ark, and players who have been hard at work on the Warrior's way will soon find a new path to progress in the Lost Ark May Update - the hammer-wielding Destroyer, Destroyer is the warrior's fourth advanced class. Destroyers' attacks are catastrophic, can crush anything that stands in their way, plus they can bend gravity to their will slowing, launching, pushing, and pulling enemies, ultimately destroying enemies. Destroyers deal massive stagger damage, making them useful members of any party.

New Guardian Raid Challenge

Challenge Guardian Raids will add a new weekly activity where players can earn rewards based on the difficulty of the challenges they conquer. Each Guardian has its own required item level to enter, and one Guardian is rotated out each week to be replaced by another Guardian. These special raids will use the Scale of Balance to boost you to the appropriate item level.

New Quests And Open World Activities

South Vern will get new quest content, Thunderwings Field Boss, the South Vern Chaos Gate, Chaos Line Hard Mode, and more. There's also Wild Wings Island - Arkesia, which is a vast land full of menacing threats. Here, players can fight the ridiculous giant crispy golden chickings, players turn into chickens or beer to fight the Chicking boss. Doing so will reward players with event coins, which they can exchange for rewards.

New Guild Activities

The new PvE and PvP guild activities will be arriving in May Update, issue challenges across Arkesia to control guild bases to prove your guild is the best around. Island Siege is a PvP activity event that allows you to battle other guilds in PvP combat, and in Raid Match, you can enter your guild base and challenge the mighty Sylmael Devourer.

Neria’s Wardrobe

The May Update will bring more modern skins to Lost Ark. Smilegate will be adding a month's of Neria’s Wardrobe alongside the normal store updates this month. Neria’s Wardrobe is a limited-time skin store that sells individual skins. Players can buy individual items for their characters, such as snapback hats, t-shirts, jeans, flare dresses, and more. This is your opportunity to dress up stylishly in-game!

In addition to the above, there is some Quality of Life Updates and Balance Tuning in the May Update, hopefully, all of this content will be coming soon. During this time, you can prepare some lost ark gold for the May Update, MMOSO provides cheap lost ark gold for sale, you can place an order anytime with fast delivery.



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