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​Diablo 2 Resurrected: Summon Uber Diablo For Annihilus Charm

In the final stages of Diablo II: Resurrected, the small charm Annihilus cannot be missed in any inventory, it is one of the best items in the game, but the Annihilus is correspondingly difficult to find. In this guide, we'll explain how to summon and defeat Uber Diablo to get Annihilus.

What is Annihilus

Annihilus is a unique small charm. You carry it with you in your inventory for four predefined bonuses. Specifically, Annihilus provides you with the following values:

+1 To All Skills

+10-20 To All Attributes

All Resistances +10-20

+5-10% To Experience Gained

Each Annihilus has different values of stats, resistances, and accumulated experience. The Perfect Annihilus with a value of 20 / 20 / 10 is one of the most coveted items in the game and has a corresponding high exchange value. Since this is a unique item, you can only keep one Annihilus in your inventory.

How To Find Annihilus

Annihilus is unique in many ways because unlike most items, you cannot find it by defeating traditional monsters. Instead, you get it for completing the World Event to summon a powerful Diablo called Uber Diablo,  when you defeat him, you'll be rewarded with a coveted Annihilus.

Summon And Defeat Uber Diablo

Summoning Uber Diablo requires Stone of Jordan, this is a particularly strong and unique ring. The Stone of Jordan has 29 item levels, it can be dropped by any monster starting from Act 5 on Normal difficulty. But Nightmare Andariel is the best way to farm these rings, as her accessories drop rate is high and her item level also meets the requirements.

However, you cannot keep rings to trigger the World Event. Instead, you have to sell them to a merchant. If you play offline, the World Event is automatically triggered by selling a single Jordan Stone.

On the other hand, if you play online, you must be sold more than 100 rings. However, these don't necessarily come from yourself but add up all the sales from the entire server region. This allows you to generate your own Uber Diablo online without having to find or sell the Stone of Jordan by yourself.

After selling the Stone of Jordan to vendors, you can check the current progress of the world event at any time by typing /uberdiablo in the in-game chat, it will give you one of six messages. The more Stone of Jordan sells, the closer the final stage is.

1. Terror gazes upon Sanctuary

2. Terror approaches Sanctuary

3. Terror begins to form within Sanctuary

4. Terror spread across Sanctuary

5. Terror is about to be unleashed upon Sanctuary

6. Diablo has invaded Sanctuary

Once you reach the sixth stage, the Uber Diablo will spawn in your world. He will appear at the first super unique monster you encounter, so you basically choose where to fight Uber Diablo by choosing which super unique you want him to replace. Super Unique Monsters are monsters that always spawn in the same place and have a fixed name, such as Eldritch, Rectifier, Pindleskin, Rakanishu, and more.

When fighting Uber Diablo, it is recommended to fight him with Prevents Monster Heal and/or Open Wounds, high lightning, fire resistance, and physical damage reduction. When killed, Uber Diablo will drop the only unique small charm in the game, the Annihilus charm.

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