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​Top 12 Best Unique Helms In Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4


Helms in Diablo 2 Resurrected is a type of armor that grants defensive properties and changes players' appearance and it's also one of the most popular slots for unique d2r items in the game. There are some absolutely amazing helmets used by a ton of characters and a ton of builds that greatly enhance the player's abilities. Today we list the 12 Most Unique Helmet For Builds D2R Patch 2.4.


Wolfhowl is the only helm for a Barbarian and is a cornerstone item for werewolf barbarians builds, as it allows Barbs to transform into Werewolf, gain an incredible life, and be able to attack with the Feral Rage druid skill.

Vampire Gaze

The Vampire Gaze is a very useful helm option for builds that deal physical damage. An ethereal Vampire Gaze is also one of the best choices for mercenary helms, greatly increasing mercenary survivability.

Valkyrie Wing

Valkyrie Wing is an iconic helm intended for Amazon use providing a good reward for her skills that many helms lack.

Harlequin Crest

Harlequin Crest is a good all-around helmet for nearly any class. It has amazing defensive qualities while also boosting offense due to the +2 all skills and also provides an unmatched amount of Life and Mana (1.5 per level), which is a very rare but valuable attribute on helms.


The Ravenlore is a Druid-only helm that's intended to be used by Fire Druid. It provides a huge fire damage boost and increases the attack skill level by 3, while also having some defensive properties.

Nightwing's Veil

Nightwing's Veil is the most useful helm for a variety of Cold damage-dealing builds, especially for Cold Sorceress. In addition to +Cold skill damage and +2 all skills huge damage boost, it also has decent defensive stats. If you want to deal damage to your cold sore, it's your best choice.

Kira's Guardian

Kira's Tiara is the best resistance-boosting helm in the entire game. Cannot Be Frozen is also very good, further improving your chances of survival, and is a great ladder starter item.

Jalal's Mane

Jalal's Mane is a smart choice for any Druid build, especially for Wind Druids, considered the second-best helmet by many top players. It combines excellent offensive and defensive qualities. The +2 To Shape Shifting Skills and 20% Bonus To Attack Rating greatly increase damage output, while FHR, stats, and resistance bonuses provide great survivability.

Griffon's Eye

The Griffon's Eye is especially popular among sorceresses who specialize in lightning spells and Javazons who rely heavily on lightning skills, due to its large boost to skill, Cast Rate, and lightning damage. But it doesn't have great defensive stats, so it's not a great option for most builders of Hardcore players.

Crown of Ages

The Crown of Ages is the best helm choice for almost all build survivability. It has 30 faster hit recovery, and 20 to 30 all resistances, which is very important for safety. In addition, the Crown of Ages has 2 open sockets, which can be utilized for the offense by putting in jewels that increase damage.

Arreat's Face

Arreat's Face is an excellent helmet for Barbarians due to its offensive and defensive qualities. The +4 to Combat Skills gives a lot of damage, while the +2 barbarian skill, high defense, life steal, full resist, faster hit recovery, and +stat make it one of the best barbarian helmets choices for survivability.

Andariel's Visage

Andariel's Visage provides strength, skills, life stolen per hit, and attack speed that is arguably one of the best hire helmets in the game, and it's also one of the most useful helms for Bowazons.



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