​Why Lost Ark Is The Second Most Played Game On Steam?

Lost Ark has become a popular MMORPG game since its release in Europe and the United States on February 11, 2022, and the number of players has remained high until now. The SteamDB ranks Lost Ark as the second most played game on Steam. So why is the Lost Ark so popular? This guide will answer your questions!

Reasons for Lost Ark Popularity


While certain areas of Lost Ark make it seem like a new title, the on-ground reality is a little different. The game currently offers a ton of elements to help players enjoy every second of their adventure and they won't get bored easily.

Also, character classes have a unique game style, and players can try to choose a class according to their own needs. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, you'll enjoy the defensive playstyle of fighting monsters and other enemies in your adventure.

It is worth mentioning that the player-versus-play battle system in Lost Ark is fresh, allowing players to battle other players to test their combat skills. Immerse yourself in the arena of war with competitive ranked matches and casual matches.


In Lost Ark, there's a lot to do beyond the default story and exploration, such as side quests, PvP battles, Boss Raids, PvE battles, Dungeon Raids, and more. If you don't make a plan, you're likely to get lost in the game because of the content. Whether you want to venture out on your own or join a team, there's a lot of stuff to enjoy in both cases. Also, you can collect resources on the map and sell them in the market for gold.

In addition, complete weekly and daily events with rewards ranging from rare items to cosmetics and limited-edition gear. Enjoy fishing, mining, hunting, and other skills, and you can level up them through activities related to these skills.


In terms of gameplay, the main focus is on the progression of the story. You might have to kill the same enemy or complete side quests over and over, but Lost Castle saves you from your boring routine. The Lost Castle provides players with a combination of all elements of the game in one package, and you can deal with them to unlock achievements and progress.

Lost Ark is breaking viewership and player records, which shows that the gaming community is enjoying the game. But when a game becomes popular to such an extent, some problems arise. The biggest problem with Lost Ark is the long queues, and players have to wait a while before they can into the game due to server congestion. To solve this problem, Amazon Games announced to increase the server space of Lost Ark, this change will mainly focus on European servers.

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