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​MMOSO WOTLK - What are the major changes to Warrior for WoW WotLK Classic?


The WoW WotLK Classic expansion will bring many changes to all classes and specializations. From simple buffs or nerfs to certain techniques to adding new techniques or even partial overhauls to the talent tree, there are many improvements that can be made in PrePatch. In this article, we summarize for you the main changes that warriors will benefit from, namely Weapons, Fury and Protection.

Global changes

One of the warrior's biggest changes mainly involves the end of the so-called "stance dance", which the famous mechanic until now includes regular alternations between the three poses (Combat, Defensive and Berserker) he deals with. In WotLK, each spec has more or less a stance, and fighters can reap huge benefits by raising it with talents in each talent tree.

These three postures are also seen rather largely modified, such as:

Combat Stance: +10% to Armor Penetration with all attacks (instead of being a "neutral" stance with no bonuses or penalties)

Defensive Stance: -10% to damage taken, +45% threat and damage dealt reduced by 5% (instead of reducing damage taken and dealt by 10%)

Berserker Stance: +3% critical strike chance and damage taken increased by 5% (instead of increasing critical strike chance by 3% and increasing damage taken by 10%)

Berserker Rage, a major Warrior asset in PvP but also during certain encounters, can now be used in all stances (instead of only in Berserker stance) and can also be activated after suffering a harmful effect (instead of must be anticipated to be effective).

The major offensive (Recklessness) and defensive (Protective Wall, Retaliation) CDs of this class benefit from a large buff since their cooldown is greatly reduced, going from 30 minutes to 5 minutes!

The Warrior's two iconic and very interesting shouts, the Battle Shout and the Command Shout change noticeably and become less intrusive in the rotation. Their range is now 30 meters (instead of 20) and their duration is increased to 4 minutes (instead of 2 ). A small change not so trivial as that!

There are also various improvements to certain techniques, again the Warrior's flagship. Note, for example, that Disarm now removes not only the target's melee weapon but also its ranged weapon, in addition to seeing its Rage cost drop from 20 to 15. The effect of Intervention remains unchanged the only difference is that it now additionally reduces the total threat generated by the target by 10%.

Like the Shield Wall, the Shield Slam becomes a technique accessible to all Warriors (instead of only those specialized in Protection). On the side of the Cry of intimidation, we also note a small change since its cooldown goes from 3 to 2 minutes!

Finally, the Warrior benefits from two new major and very important techniques for him:

Enraged Regeneration

3min recharge

Cost: 15 Rage

You regenerate 30% of your total health over 10 sec. This technique requires a rage effect, it consumes all rage effects and prevents them from affecting you for its duration.

Smashing Throw

5min recharge

Requires Battle Stance

1.5s cast

Cost: 25 Rage

Throw your weapon at the enemy, dealing 12+AP*.50 damage (based on attack power), reducing the target's armor by 20% for 10 sec or removing all invulnerabilities.

(Removes the effects of Divine Shield and Ice Block in particular)

What will change for Arms and Fury Warriors

In addition to the aforementioned very generalist changes, the two Warrior DPS specializations also benefit from very specific improvements on their own (or almost). These changes not only take place in the talents but also in the flagship skills of each.

First, Overpower now deals true weapon damage rather than bonus damage. Admittedly a minor change, until you have a weapon that inflicts heavy base damage... The way the Slam works does change, however: instead of canceling your next automatic attack if you cast it too much later, he puts it on hold and casts it immediately after you finish your spell, giving him a serious boost of interest!

Finally, for the changes dedicated to the two specializations as a whole, it is of course the Execution that has undergone a slight overhaul. Instead of consuming all your Rage points, it only consumes a maximum of 30. No more spending all your rage after each Execution!


One of the highlights of WotLK's Arms Warrior is the serious addition of Overpower and Rend to the base rotation. This occurs with a new talent called Taste of Blood which, each time Rend deals damage, has a 100% chance to allow the use of Overpower for 9 seconds. Incidentally, another new PvP-focused talent, Continual Assault, reduces Overpower's cooldown by 4 seconds in addition to increasing its damage by 20% and making each use of this ability on a target in the process of Casting a spell reduces healing and magic damage it has deals or inflicts by 50% for 6 seconds. Monstrous!

The Sweeping Attacks talent is finally making a comeback in the Weapons tree after being lost in our Fury friends, and the Mace Specialization talent is completely changed: instead of having a chance to stun the target if you have a mace equipped as a weapon, you instead ignore 15% of the target's armor while a weapon of that type is equipped.

In terms of major changes, we also note the arrival of the formidable and essential Juggernaut talent which not only and above all allows you to launch your Charge in combat (finally) but also increases the chances of Critical Strike from Mortal Strike and Slam from 25%. All in sobriety! Moreover, a new extremely powerful talent although very random, Sudden Death, now allows you to have a 9% chance after each melee attack of being able to cast Execution for free on a target regardless of its percentage of health points!

Finally, what would the Weapons specialization tree be without the unbeatable Bladestorm? No need to introduce it, we let you take a look below if you want to refresh your memory.

Blade Storm

1.5min charging

Cost: 25 Rage

Instantly performs a Whirlwind attack on up to 4 targets and for the next 6s, you will perform a Whirlwind attack every 1s. While under the effects of Bladestorm, you can move but cannot perform other abilities. However, you feel no pity, remorse, or fear, and you cannot be stopped unless killed.

WotLK Classic 1


Don't worry friends Fury Warrior, your specialization is absolutely not left out of significant changes. First of all, we note the return of Death Wish, which got lost in the Weapons tree during the Burning Crusade Classic. Its recharge time goes from 3 to 2 minutes and we really appreciate it!

The talents of the Fury specialization are generally benefiting from a number of overhauls. Armed to the Teeth, for example, makes an appearance and passively increases your Attack Power by 3 for every 108 points of Armor you have. That's good, you're wearing Plate armor!

A new talent, Intensify Rage, passively reduces the cooldown of Blood Rage, Berserker Rage, Recklessness, and Death Wish by 33%. Respectively, this changes them to:

Blood Rage: 40 seconds (was 60)

Berserker Rage: 20 seconds (down from 30)

Recklessness: 3.5 minutes (instead of 5)

Death Wish: 2 minutes (down from 3)

The Improved Berserker Stance talent has undergone a very interesting overhaul: instead of passively increasing Attack Power and reducing the threat generated by 10% while you are in Berserker Stance, it increases your Strength by 20% and reduces the threat generated by 10% while in this stance. Friendly!

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The arrival of multiple talents at the foot of the Fury tree also makes this specialization particularly formidable in PvE. First of all, the Rampage passively increases the chance of melee and ranged critical strikes by 5% for all your allies (goodbye Feral Druids and their Pack Leader).

The arrival of Blood Rush also marks a turning point for the Fury Warrior: after each Heroic Strike, Bloodthirst or Whirlwind you have a 20% chance of allowing your next Slam to be instantaneous. Knocker, therefore, enters the rotation but does not need to be cast, isn't it fabulous? To top it off, Endless Fury, another new talent, increases the damage dealt by Slam, Whirlwind, and Bloodthirst by 10%. What do the people want?

Last but not least, Titan's Grip finally makes its appearance! It allows you to equip two two-handed weapons AT THE SAME TIME but reduces the Physical damage you deal by 10%. The gain is so important that we will not even pay attention to this mini nerf!

Titan's Grip

Allows you to wield axes, maces, and two-handed swords with one hand. While wielding a two-handed weapon with one hand, the physical damage you deal is reduced by 10%.

WotLK Classic 2

What will change for Protection Warriors

The Warrior's Protection specialization is a big deal in Wrath of the Lich King. Until now, she was incredibly formidable in single target but was a drain to play as soon as several creatures joined the fight. You understood it: this limitation disappears completely in WotLK. Even crazier, you almost become a zone aggro specialist! That's how we Warriors are: it's all or nothing!

Alright, let's start at the beginning. Challenge Shout's cooldown has been reduced from 10 minutes to 3 minutes, an interesting addition in line with what you mentioned earlier about area aggro. The Mocking Blow sees its CD go from 3 to 1 minute and even becomes usable in Combat Stance. On the Taunt side, it can now be used at a range of 30 meters instead of having to be in melee with the creature and... It was about time!

One of the most important changes concerns the Thunder Clap: now it hits all targets near you but above all, it is considered a spell and no longer a melee technique. This means the critical damage he deals is increased by 250%, well beyond his TBC version. A generation of almost unbeatable aggro!

Block Mastery is also getting an overhaul. since instead of blocking a single attack with a 5-second cooldown, it increases your Block chance and Block value by 100% for 10 seconds but its cooldown goes to 40 seconds. Fortunately, with the Shield Mastery talent, this CD goes to 20 seconds!

In terms of "basic" techniques, we note the arrival of Heroic Throw. On a one-minute cooldown, this ability generates a huge amount of threat on a target with a range of 30 yards. This technique is also gaining a lot of interest with the formidable new talent Imposition of Silence which allows Shield Bash and Heroic Throw to silence your target for 3 seconds in addition to increasing the damage of Shield Slam by 10%. !

Heroic Throw

1min recharge

30m range

You throw your weapon at the enemy and inflict 12+AP*.50 damage (based on attack power). This technique generates a high level of threat.

imposition of silence


2 points awarded

Gives your Shield Bash and Heroic Throw abilities a 50%/100% chance to silence the target for 3 sec and increases the damage of your Shield Slam ability by 5%/10%.

The changes made to the talents of the Protection tree are particularly decisive and mark a new turning point in the lives of Protection Warriors. First, Anticipation is getting an overhaul and now increases Dodge by 5% instead of offering 20 "free" Defenses. Shield Specialization allows the Tank to generate a lot of Rages since it now not only increases the chance of Blocking by 5% but also generates 5 points of Rage after each successful Block, Parry or Dodge (instead of only after each Block).

Along the same line of very nice changes, Improved Vengeance no longer causes Vengeance to stun the target but now increases its damage by 60% in addition to allowing it to hit an additional nearby target. Damage, aggro... Everything we love! It's also the arrival of the terrible Emulation talent which passively increases the critical strike chance of Heroic Strike, Thunderclap and Cleave by 15%. Always more damage and threat!

In terms of survival, things are also improving. The Last Stand has had its cooldown reduced from 8 minutes to just 2, while the already formidable Improved Spell Reflection talent now not only reduces the chance of being hit by spells by 4% but also reduces your Spell Reflection to reflect the next harmful spell cast on the 4 allies closest to you. A sort of Mass Spell Reflection!

WotLK Classic 3

The Improved Disciplines talent replaces the miserable little Improved Shield Wall. Now, instead of increasing the duration of Shield Wall by 6 seconds, it reduces the cooldown of Shield Wall, Recklessness, and Retaliation by 1 minute. Not crazy, but potentially essential for certain meetings!

Improved Defensive Stance also benefits from a huge buff that improves threat and damage from you as always: in addition to reducing magic damage taken by 6%, as before, it allows you to enrage after each Block, Parry or Dodge which increases your damage done by 10% for 12 seconds. Free damage and threat, again.

The latest new talents are arguably some of the most monstrous introduced by Wrath of the Lich King. First of all, it is the arrival of Vigilance, a technique placed on an allied player and which reduces the damage they suffer by 3% in addition to redirecting 10% of the damage they suffer towards you ( generating a threat to you in passing). Additionally, when your ally is attacked, Taunt's cooldown is reset. I don't have to explain to you why this talent is incredible.

It is also the arrival of the long-awaited and again formidable Porteguerre. A talent that allows you to very simply use Charge in combat, but also to cast Charge, Intervention and Interception from any posture. Not least small addition: Intervention now removes all effects of slowing and immobilizing.

The Sword and Shield talent also increases the Critical Strike chance of Devastate by 15% but also causes your Critical Strikes with Devastate and Revenge to have an additional 20% chance to reset the cooldown of Shield Slam and cancel its Rage cost. In the same crazy vein, the Damage Shield allows you to inflict 20% of your Block value on the enemy as soon as you take a melee attack or block.

The last talent, a great novelty of the Protection Warrior, is the Shockwave. A powerful talent that deals heavy damage in a cone facing the caster and stuns all targets hit for 4 seconds. The recharge time is extremely short: 20 seconds!

Shock wave

20s cooldown

Cost: 15 Rage

Projects a wave of force in front of the warrior, dealing 75/100*AP damage (based on attack power) and stunning all enemy targets within 10 yards in a cone in front of him for 4s.

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