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​Lost Ark: Best Glaivier PvP Builds Guide


In Lost Ark, the Glaivier is a melee damage dealer with two weapons, a glaive and a spear, each with different abilities. Glaivier can swap to a short spear in a Flurry stance for a precise lethal attack, or bring out the glaive in Focus stance for a more aggressive style, which allows her to a balanced mix of speed and power. This class ranks pretty high on Team Deathmatch's overall PvP tier list, and if players take the time and effort to master her playstyle, she'll dominate high-end duties. This article will introduce you to the best Lost Ark Glaivier builds for PvP.

Best Glaivier PVP Combat Stats

750 Swiftness

1 Critical

249 Domination for damage

Typically, you'll max out Swiftness because it's the best PVP stat, mainly due to Swiftness increased attack speed, movement speed, and cooldown reduction.

Domination is a common stat that invests 249-250 points when your primary damage source increases. In PVP, your teammates or even yourself will constantly crowd control or crowd control your opponents. Therefore, you will see a consistent increase in damage throughout the match.

Critical completes the spread for the last point, this is to enable critical abilities. Without this point, you'll completely give up on taking critical strikes on your opponent.

Lost Ark Glaivier PVP Core Skill Build

Chain Slash (Skill Lv. 4) is a mobility skill that also has a Knockdown attached at the end. Use it for combo extension or mobility.

Flash Kick (Skill Lv. 4) is a quick engaging Hard Crowd Control skill. Leaps forward several meters and strikes three times then ends with a powerful kick.

Vault (Skill Lv. 4) is another quick engage tool that Knocks Up opponents.

Half Moon Slash (Skill Lv. 10) is an Engage, combo, and peel tool. It's a great skill to set up your hard-hitting combos.

Cutting Wind (Skill Lv. 10) is a quick catch tool. Combine this with your spacebar or another mobility skill for easy catches.

Wheel of Blades (Skill Lv. 10 until you can reach level 12) is a great Push Immunity skill used to lock opponents or Knock them down.

Shackling Blue Dragon (Skill Lv. 10 until you can reach level 12): Creates a shockwave that deals heavy damage and reduces enemy critical resistance for six seconds.

Raging Dragon Slash (Skill Lv. 10 until you can reach level 12) is your main DPS skill in Focus stance. Use it after Half Moon Slash as they are falling down or off any CCs.

Starfall Pounce (Skill Lv. 10) is another engage/mobility skill in Flurry's stance. You are not protected when jumping so be careful.

Red Dragon's Horn (Skill Lv. 10) similar to Raging Dragon Slash has mainly used off a combo or if they are stuck on the ground.

Spear Dive (Skill Lv. 10) is a nice filler skill for brawls and protection. It has a Knockdown at the end of the combo.

Thrust of Destruction (Skill Lv. 10) is a quick filler damage skill.

Dragonscale Defense (Skill Lv. 7) is your counter skill in Flurry's stance that Stuns foe when countered. Note that this skill does not have Hard Crowd Control immunity like Gunlancer's counter.

Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Storming Red Dragon is the main Awakening skill. Hold it to channel it longer. At the end of the barrage, it has a dash and Knockup attached to it, useful for either catching someone or getting away.

Lost Ark Glaivier PVP Gameplay

As a Glaivier, the goal of the game is not only to be a powerful DPS class but to be the initiator of your team. Practicing your positioning is a good starting point when playing Glaivier. In PVP, the camera positioning is important because you and your opponent only have a limited FoV. So keep yourself within the right range, but also horizontal with the enemy.

Ideally, you'll want to start your combos and initiations by sliding in with a Flash Kick or your other movement skills. These include Starfall Pounce, Vault, and Cutting Wind, which skills activate especially quickly. Another benefit of starting with these spells is giving your teammates a chance to follow up. Also, be sure to go fast with Dragonscale Defense, a key skill that is not wasted in combat,  but is more of a hybrid defense/offense context.

While Glaivier Identity is fairly straightforward, it's also very effective. The purpose of your Identity is to hit your opponents with abilities that will quickly fill up each section. Keep an eye on your opponents and your teammates, position yourself correctly and start launching or peeling for your teammates while throwing high damage combos to net kills.

Lost Ark Glaivier PVP Combos

Use Flash Kick or Cutting Wind to engage.

Use Cutting Wind, and quickly follow up a confirmation hit with Chain Slash.

For the all-in with the most damaging potential. Start the combo with a spear dive, then use the Half Moon Slash.

If this hits and your opponent has no Stand-Up, Stance Switch and hit with the red dragon's horn.

Glaivier Class Summary Tips

When playing Glaivier class,  prioritize positioning as much as possible, and target switching is the key.

Use your quick engages and mobility options to create chaos on the battlefield.

Glaivier is a powerful melee class with a really nice ranged range that you might have a hard to shutting down.

You don't have to actively manage your Identity Gauge, which is less important than other classes.

This is all the information about the Lost Ark Glaivier PvP Builds, I hope it can help you become one of the best Glaivier players. MMOSO will continue to update the latest news of Lost Ark. If you need Lost Ark Gold, you can buy them here. Our prices are cheap and our service is considerate. Welcome to place an order!



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