​WoW TBC Classic Ends Massive Player Increase Preparing for WoW WOTLK Classic

After almost a year of deployment, the Final Phase of Burning Crusade Classic is finally live and implies the imminent arrival of new features for Wrath of the Lich King Classic. But while we could expect a fairly mixed success at the end of the expansion, the opposite seems to be happening in certain realms of the version dedicated to those nostalgic for the game.

Firemaw breaks records

While we could expect a fairly mixed attendance for this end of Burning Crusade Classic, the arrival of Phase 5 seems to have largely galvanized the troops. This is indeed the very last of this first expansion and therefore implies that the content of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion could be unveiled and then deployed very soon. We are talking here about a few weeks at most of the content deployment method is identical to BC Classic!

We previously mentioned the possibility that an announcement related to this extension could take place during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase.

The second extension of World of Warcraft is one of the most fantasized and appreciated by the community as a whole for many reasons (sometimes justified, sometimes "delu" as they say). It is in this sense that its expectation seems to have galvanized players: Firemaw (EN), one of the most populated European servers historically, is at the time of writing the most visited realm in the world ( on Burning Crusade Classic), and by far!

With more than 33,000 active players recorded and a ratio of 56% for the Alliance and 44% for the Horde, it is undoubtedly the kingdom most acclaimed by the European community at the end of the expansion. This Sunday, May 15, 2022, a record was also recorded with a peak of more than 10,000 players in line to connect to the server, i.e. almost 4 hours of waiting! As incredible as appalling!

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Even crazier: this kingdom is not at all the only one to benefit from such enthusiasm. In Europe, four of them pass the 10,000 active player mark, while 6 others in North America seem to have the majority of Burning Crusade Classic players to date:

Naturally, the data from the French-speaking kingdoms are much less spectacular and this is quite normal since it is difficult to compare "international" servers where the English language is the most spoken with servers such as French-speaking or Spanish-speaking ones. However, it is not as weak as one might imagine at first sight since the three main servers have a rather substantial community:

The arrival of the latest phase of content, including the Isle of Quel'Danas and the Sunwell Plateau, has undoubtedly attracted many players. But this "new" content coupled with the ever more urgent arrival of the next expansion is probably at the origin of this sudden renewed interest: many players are already preparing for their next epic in North Azeroth!

However, no concrete announcement has yet taken place on the side of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. The current attendance is therefore very likely to be very low compared to the data that we will undoubtedly see in the coming weeks. One thing is certain: now is the time to get back to Burning Crusade Classic to prepare your character for new adventures in Northrend later this year!

If the idea of resuming Classic crosses your mind, we strongly recommend that you avoid the servers with high traffic but also those with the weakest. Kingdoms with a High population are undoubtedly the main candidates to which we would direct you, Auberdine on the French-speaking side in particular. Amnennar is also a very good alternative although the attendance is not huge, it remains a good balance between the colossal Sulfuron and the desert Finkle.

Mograine or Earthshaker would probably be the ones we recommend since you have to keep in mind that currently High population servers will be taken over as soon as the WotLK release date is announced! WoW players prepare for WOTLK Classic, come out to understand the changes of various occupations, and prepare various materials in the game, I believe that WOTLK Classic Gold is what players care about most, and the economic basis determines the superstructure. MMOSO has Cheap WoW WOTLK Classic Gold for Sale. Safe and secure.


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