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​Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide - Best Loot Locations In D2R


Being unprepared or low level in Diablo II: Resurrected can cost the player, so one of the main goals of the player in the game is to find the best D2R Items for your character to enhance their power up and complete the next challenge. In this guide, we will introduce all the best farm locations in Diablo 2 Resurrected and how to get the best gear.

Endgame gear and advanced runes can only be found on the hardest Hell difficulty, so your first goal should be to reach Hell difficulty and be able to effectively clear its contents. Hell difficulty can be very challenging for new players, as enemies have very large health pools, are immune to certain elements, and deal massive damage.

Farming In Normal Difficulty

In your first battle, even if you will eventually encounter some obstacles such as Duriel and Diablo, the difficulty should not prove insurmountable.

Best Normal Farming Locations

Act 1: The Countess

Act 3: Lower to Upper Kurast, Travinical

Act 4: All areas, especially Diablo and Chaos Sanctuary

Act 5: Frigid Highlands (Shenk & Eldritch), Baal and his minions

The only really popular farming point on this difficulty is the Countess in Act 1,  she first gives 3 runes, then 1 to 3 runes the following times. This may allow you to build your first Runeword whose power easily competes with the best items available at this level.

Given most of the gameplay, you won't need as much farming in the early levels. Simply because of the rate at which you go through your items. The key is to get as much Magic Find as possible to get tons of uniques, rares, rings, charms, and amulets.

The best drop rate for bosses is when you complete their related quest. Baal at the end of the game can be a good choice to reach the 35-40 level bracket and some extra gear for Nightmare Difficulty, but that’s optional.

Farming In Nightmare Difficulty

Nightmare is the place where most farming activity begins. The reason is that enemies, especially high-level enemies and bosses, become high enough level in the game mechanism to drop some of the most needed and high-performance items.

Best Nightmare Farming Locations

Act 1: The Countess

Act 2: various tombs

Act 3: Lower to Upper Kurast, Mephisto

Act 4: Diablo and Chaos Sanctuary

Act 5: Frigid Highlands (Shenk & Eldritch), Pindleskin, Baal

Again, the Countess in Act 1 is the popular first date, as she still drops D2R Ladder Runes, but this time at a higher level. Thus, this makes it possible to create new and more powerful Runewords.

The core of farming in this difficulty mode is Mephisto in Act 3, it's a relatively easy boss when you have resistance, and it has an excellent loot table. The council before it is also a good choice.

Chaos Sanctuary and Diablo are popular farm locations that make good viable items for Hell Difficulty.

You can also get distracted by farming the Secret Cow Level, which has a wide variety of quality items, sockets, and more, to avoid killing the Bull King before you're done.

Lastly, it's highly recommended to farm Baal's loop to around level 70 this time around to get really good gear and the advanced runes usually found in Hell Difficulty.

Farming In Hell Difficulty

Once we reach Hell Mode, the best Hell farming locations are basically all the farms mentioned above, plus a few more. The great thing about Hell is that everything is worth fighting for in your early levels, and with a little Magic Find you can start farming and have some success in any area of Act 1.

Best Hell Farming Locations

Act 1(level 85 area): The Pits and the Mausoleum, these are perfect farming spots for very high-level gear.

Act 2 (level 85 area): Maggot Lair 3 and Ancient Tunnels.

Act 3 (level 85 area): Sewers and Lower Kurast + Chests. In Act 3, the Lower Town of Kurast and its many chests are very profitable.

Act 4 (level 85 area): Chaos Sanctuary and Diablo, perfect for gear farming before the endgame begins.

Act 5 (level 85 area): Abaddon, Pit of Acheron, Infernal Pits, Drifter Cavern, Icy Cellar

As you get stronger, you'll want to farm in level 85 areas in the game so that you can access the highest loot tables.



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